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Tubular Breast, also known as tuberous breast, is a condition that occurs due to developmental issues during adolescence, resulting in the breast taking on a tubular shape and resembling a Tubular Breast. 

Tubular Breast is not only an aesthetic concern but can also become a psychological problem, impacting an individual’s self-confidence over time. In the following text, you can find details about Tubular Breast issues and explanations regarding corrective methods.

What is Tubular Breast (Tuberous Breast)?

Tubular Breast is a developmental disorder that occurs in girls. When adequate growth is not achieved in the breasts during puberty, and the base of the breast is narrower than it should be while the nipple is larger than normal, it results in a Tuberous Breast-like appearance when viewed from the front. Tubular Breast is observed in approximately 7-25% of girls in society, typically starting to manifest around the age of 10-11. Some girls may have mild deformations with a subtle tubular breast appearance, while others may experience severe deformations. This condition poses an aesthetic problem, making it difficult for the girl to dress as desired, affecting her self-confidence, and leading to introversion. Therefore, it is necessary to address this issue not only from a visual perspective but also considering its psychological consequences.

What Causes Tubular Breast?

Tubular Breast is a developmental disorder, and there is currently no sufficient evidence to suggest that it is caused by genetic inheritance. Therefore, it is considered to occur independently of the family background. It occurs during breast growth in adolescence when some girls’ breasts do not develop as they should. Until the growth period is complete, the breasts may exhibit shape deformities, constricted lower pole, enlarged nipples, asymmetry, and eventually result in a distinct Tuberous Breast-like appearance.

How is Tubular Breast Recognized?

The extent of deformation is important in recognizing tubular breast. In the typical tubular breast appearance, the upper and lower width of the breast is close to each other, and there is constriction at the lower pole, with excessive growth in the nipple compared to normal. Additionally, since the breasts do not reach the desired fullness, there can be both asymmetry and significant separation between the two breasts. In cases of mild deformity in tubular breasts, this condition may sometimes go unnoticed. These individuals are generally assumed to have small breasts, and the abnormality is not noticed. However, in cases of severe deformity, there are noticeable shape abnormalities, a distinct Tuberous Breast-like appearance when viewed from the front, noticeable enlargement of the areola, as well as constriction and dimpling at the lower part of the breast. Therefore, advanced-stage tubular breasts are easily recognizable at first glance.

How is Tubular Breast Corrected?

The only way to improve the appearance of tubular breasts is through surgical intervention. The most appropriate technique to be used in the operation is determined based on the degree of deformity of the tubular breast. Tubular breast surgery aims to release the constricted ring causing the narrow and constricted appearance at the base of the breast while resizing the nipple to its appropriate dimensions to achieve a natural appearance. Prior to tubular breast surgery, the patient undergoes a detailed examination, and the shape and dimensions of the implants to be placed in the breast area to eliminate the deformity are determined. During the operation, these implants are placed in the patient’s breast area, providing a customized solution.

Through Tubular Breast (Tuberous Breast) surgery:

  • Constriction and narrowing at the base of the breasts are corrected to achieve the desired appearance.
  • The oversized areola is reduced to its natural size.
  • The gap between the two breasts is eliminated.
  • If sagging has occurred due to breast deformity, the special implants inserted aim to improve this appearance.
  • If there is asymmetry between the right and left breasts, it is addressed.
  • The breasts are restored to their desired fullness and size.
  • The individual achieves breasts with a natural appearance, the deformity is corrected, and both physical and psychological well-being is improved. They regain the ability to dress as desired and regain their self-confidence.

What Are the Characteristics of the Implants Used in Tubular Breast Surgery?

In tubular breast surgery, the implants used are specifically designed to meet the individual’s needs, unlike regular breast augmentation surgeries. Generally, textured round silicone implants are used in tubular breast surgeries, while anatomical implants are not preferred as much. In tubular breast surgeries, the placement of silicone implants into the patient’s chest area is determined based on the needs of the existing breast.

Since standard submuscular or subglandular placements, as in regular breast augmentation surgeries, may not achieve the desired appearance in tubular breast cases, the placements are designed according to the patient’s specific breast structure.

The incision sites for the insertion of silicone implants in tubular breast surgeries are determined individually, just like in breast augmentation surgeries, and can be made under the breast, in the armpit, or around the areola. Tubular breast surgeries are highly specialized procedures, and they should be performed by experienced doctors in the field. Only in this way can the desired natural-looking breasts be achieved.

What to Expect After Tubular Breast Surgery?

Tubular breast surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, and depending on the area where the silicone implants are placed, the patient may experience some pain afterward. During the first night spent in the hospital, the patient is provided with painkillers as recommended by the doctor to ensure their comfort.

If there is a risk of bleeding after the tubular breast surgery, a drain may be placed in the breast area.

To minimize the occurrence of edema as a possible side effect, a special sports bra is worn according to the duration determined by the operating doctor, ensuring the preservation of the shape given to the breast area and minimizing potential edema.

Within 2-4 days after the operation, the individual becomes capable of performing their daily tasks independently. Generally, showering is allowed 48-72 hours after the surgery.

The incision sites used for the placement of silicone implants into the patient’s breast area are closed with aesthetic sutures. The suture scars are initially reddish and more pronounced during the first 6 months. Over time, as the healing process progresses, the color of the suture scars fades, and they become less visible.

The return to the person’s sports and exercise routine after tubular breast surgery depends on the healing rate and is determined individually. It can take an average of 3-4 weeks.

After approximately one year, all edema in the breast area subsides, the scars become less noticeable and paler, and the breasts achieve the desired final appearance.

Is Tubular Breast Surgery Risky?

Tubular breast surgery does not pose significant risks when performed by experienced and qualified doctors. However, in the hands of individuals lacking experience in breast anatomy and especially in individuals with tubular breasts, the surgery may damage the milk ducts, leading to future breastfeeding difficulties, permanent loss of sensation, asymmetry between the two breasts, or the inability to achieve the desired natural breast appearance. To eliminate all these risks, patients considering this surgery should be extra cautious in their choice of doctors.

What is the Price of Tubular Breast (Tuberous Breast) Surgery?

Tubular breast surgery, also known as Tuberous Breast surgery, is performed by experienced and qualified doctors at Quartz Clinic. It is not legal for accredited and approved centers by the Ministry of Health to disclose prices on their news or websites. Additionally, the price of tubular breast surgery varies depending on the needs of the patient’s existing breasts, the level of deformation caused by tubular breast issues, the specific characteristics of the implants to be placed, the doctor’s experience, and the quality of the clinic.

Therefore, individuals experiencing issues during their developmental period resulting in a Tuberous Breast appearance and facing both physical and psychological problems can contact us at Quartz Clinic at +90 212 241 46 24 for appointments and information.