Thigh lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure used to get rid of extra skin folds that have sagged due to decreased elasticity.

To get rid of aesthetic flaws, it is possible to restore hip shape and thigh lift. If there is extra fat, liposuction and a thigh lift can be done together.

Chafing on the inside surface of the thigh creases might be uncomfortable psychologically, but it can also have negative health effects. Diaper rash frequently develops in such circumstances, and an inflammatory process is in motion that has a negative impact on skin tone.

What’s A Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift surgery is the procedure used to treat sagging and other conditions that have developed in the thigh area as a result of various circumstances.

The skin ages and loses suppleness as a result of things including quick and excessive weight gain and loss, as well as aging. In individuals, the skin ages and is unable to repair itself. The region of the thighs sags due to gravity.

After childbirth, age, weight increase and loss, gravity, and the smoothness of the skin can all affect how attractive the thigh area looks. Thigh lift surgery provides a remedy for these abnormalities, about which women frequently complain.

Am I A Good Candidate For Thigh Lift?

Women over the age of 40 typically get thigh lift surgery. The inner and upper thighs become more flexible, especially after weight gain and decrease. Certain skin types are more prone to loosening. Such individuals may require thigh stretching early in life. Some people just experience skin loosening as an issue, while others struggle with extra body fat.

In the simplest words possible, a thigh lift is advised for those who have extra skin on their inner thighs. Additionally, extra skin might result in thinning, color changes, and creases. The loss of skin elasticity is the most crucial consideration when determining whether to do the procedure.

With skin tightening from a professionally done thigh lift, you may eliminate visual flaws along the front and back lines of the thigh.

How Does Thigh Lift Work?

The procedure’s primary goal is to eliminate sagging brought on by skin stretching and the development of unsightly inner leg folds. A thigh lift may also come next:

  • Contours the inside and outer legs well
  • Decrease the size of your thighs
  • Obtain the ideal hip-to-buttock ratio

It should be mentioned that thigh lifts do not eliminate thigh fat accumulations. For this, liposuction is done, which can be applied concurrently with a thigh lift. This cosmetic procedure also enables butt lift, tummy tuck, and gluteoplasty procedures.

The specifics of the diagnosed issues, the nature of the aesthetic issues, and the patient’s preferences all directly influence how the complete thigh lift surgery is carried out. The patient’s health state, potential contraindications, and age limits are taken into consideration before the procedure.

  Types Of Thigh Lift

Outer thigh lift: This form of surgery is intended to minimize skin dimpling in the butt area and down the leg by smoothing out the thigh and hip area.

Surgery to elevate the inner thighs is sometimes known as a “medial thigh lift” and concentrates on these areas. The inner thigh is pulled up and inward by discrete incisions, resulting in the removal of extra skin. As a consequence, the inner thigh appears smoother and more taught.

Mini thigh lift: As the name suggests, this procedure only targets the upper third of the thigh area. It’s ideal for people who desire a smoother appearance but don’t have a lot of extra skin. The operation is quite quick and the recuperation period is shorter because it is a less complex surgery.

Non-Surgical Thigh Lift

Non-surgical techniques can also be used to tighten the skin on the inside of the thigh and are effective. The ultrasonic thigh lift, also known as the focus ultrasound approach, is the greatest illustration of these techniques. The correction of the loosening of the skin, particularly in the inner region of the thigh, is greatly helped by the focus ultrasonic technique.

The procedure’s effects last an average of two years. During the process, just one application can be applied; if the patient feels it is required, it can be done again. The adipose tissue underneath the skin thins as a result of this process. Because of this, the tightening of the thigh skin might provide benefits.

It should be mentioned that surgery is the sole option if the person’s thighs have severe sagging and skin folds. Only those who desire an artistically stretched-out thigh region can get a thigh lift. Any non-surgical procedure cannot produce the same surgical effects.

How Should I Get Ready For Thigh Lift?

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery, complete medical preparation is important. The required tests are run following a thorough medical evaluation. Depending on your general health, you may need to request advice from several sections. Anesthetic consultation is definitely required because the procedure will be done under anesthesia.

It is important to quit using aspirin and smoking three weeks before the thigh lift procedure. Drugs and other medications that might thin the blood must be avoided for the last week before surgery.

What To Expect After Thigh Lift Surgery?

After the thigh lift procedure, there is no need to remain in the hospital for an extended period of time. Two nights are spent in the hospital. Then you may return home. It is crucial that you follow the directions carefully throughout this procedure until you reach the doctor’s control. You should visit your doctor and follow up with the procedure after 3 and 7 days. According to the patient’s condition, the treatment and control appointment schedule is decided at the control.

In order to hasten the healing during this time, it is crucial to pay attention to a few key points. For six to eight weeks, wear special compression stockings or clothing. Until your doctor advises you to, keep your garment on. Reduce physical activity and exercise, and schedule your workouts so that they gradually get harder over time, per your doctor’s advice.

Apply the medication as directed on your prescription.

The patient is standing up and given the all-clear to move on the same day as the thigh lift procedure. The patient may experience mild soreness during the first week, but with the help of medicines, they may easily get through this time.

Is Thigh Lift Painful?

The quantity of fat tissue in the inside and back of the leg, as well as the degree of drooping that has developed, are taken into consideration in the examination conducted before to the thigh lift procedure. The location and specifics of the scar that will occur following the procedure are fully disclosed to the patient.

In a thigh lift procedure, the scar is on the inside of the leg and in the groin area. When viewed from the outside, certain regions of the patient are the least noticeable. In certain instances, during these procedures, the scar can be extended straight to the hip without going between the legs.

The scar that is selected will depend on the patient’s health and the surgeon’s approach for doing the thigh lift.

Is It Possible To Combine Thigh Lift With Other Procedures?

The thigh lift procedure can be carried out independently or in conjunction with other body lift procedures. As an illustration, it is paired with breast aesthetics, an arm lift, a face lift, and a belly tuck.

When the doctor feels it necessary, fat removal using cannulas we call liposuction might be added to the thigh lift procedure if there is an excess of fat there. But when the subcutaneous adipose tissue thins, more skin may be peeled off.

After the thigh lift procedure, walking and moving the legs are safe. The thighs do feel tight for the first two weeks, though. The patient should avoid prolonged standing, extensive leg opening, exercise, and sports in order to lessen this. Daily complaints reduce during this phase, and recuperation differs from person to person. The individual can fully resume her usual life in two weeks.

How Much Does Thigh Lift Cost?

The cost of a thigh lift varies depending on the doctor’s level of competence. To achieve good outcomes from a Thigh Lift procedure, selecting a doctor is crucial. Regardless of the Thigh Lift technique used, the cost will be based on the circumstances. Because of this, it must be studied. You should have an examination by our doctor in order to learn more specifically about the thigh lift and to learn which approach is best for you.

At the conclusion of the exam, you may learn your price information in the most precise manner. It is unlawful for facilities that have received Ministry of Health accreditation to list pricing on their website. To learn more about Thigh Lift Prices, please call Quartz Clinique at 0212 241 46 24.