Temporal Lift

Temporal Lift ; The face undergoes some modifications as a result of the interaction of gravity, genetic inheritance, and aging. The first of these is the face’s temples. Depending on each person’s skin elasticity, the lines on the forehead, temples, and face area vary from one another. These words make the person look more worn out and exhausted. The suppleness of the skin declines with age, especially after the age of 40. Skin alterations are brought on by this. Gravity is too strong for the forehead skin to withstand. The corners of the eyes and the temple region also start to droop. Existing wrinkles on the skin get deeper as the years go by. Skin stretches out and starts to droop. 

The temples begin to migrate lower, which presses down on the eyebrows and outer corners of the eyes. This drooping has caused the skin around the temples to become malformed. Temple stretching aesthetics is the only remedy for sagging in the temple region. With temple lift aesthetics, the extra skin in the temples is removed, giving the entire face a youthful appearance.

A brow lift often referred to as a Temporal Lift forehead lift, is an operation that lessens aging effects on the eyebrows, upper eyelids, and forehead. Moreover, it elevates the brows, opening up the eyes. The muscles and skin are stabilized in their new, revitalized posture by the eyebrows, which remain in the optimal position that your surgeon carefully planned and gradually disappear over time. Compared to the conventional coronal incision technique, which involves an incision made in a long, headband-like design on the back of the scalp beyond the hairline, shorter incisions promote quicker healing and less scarring.

What’s Temporal Lift?

In a procedure known as a “temporal lift,” the forehead and temples are stretched to remove sagging and aging-related facial deformities. After the surgery, the patient has a younger, more vibrant facial appearance and regains the confidence that was lost when age indications first started to show.

Stretching the temporal region results in a younger and more appealing facial expression, which is why the temporal lift is so popular nowadays. In contrast to treatments that offer temporary remedies, such as botox, and fillers, this procedure, which is finished in an average of 30 to 60 minutes, gives the person a permanent, wrinkle-free, and sagging appearance.

Who Can Get Temporal Lift?

  • Due to the detrimental effects of aging and gravity, the face develops wrinkles, sagging, and deformations
  • Possessing low eyebrows as a result of aging, gravity, and genetics,
  • Individuals who want to effortlessly apply makeup by widening the space between their eyebrows and eyes,
  • The angle of view narrows as the top eyelid touches the eye, making the person appear older than they actually are
  • Worried more and more by the development of crow’s feet, as well as the general loss of elasticity and distortion of the face
  • Over time, little wrinkles give way to deep ones.
  • Because of the strong wrinkles between the brows, they constantly appear fatigued and irate
  • Those who need a temporary operation that will allow them to quickly return to their regular activities and those who are seeking a long-term remedy for the aging symptoms on their face,
  • There is no general health issue that would prevent the procedure,

Although persons over the age of 35 are the majority of those who benefit from a temporal lift, it is possible for all men and women who reached adulthood at the age of 18 to do so.

How Does Temporal Lift Work?

The patient is thoroughly assessed before the temporal lift operation to see whether they are a good candidate. The temporal lift surgery is started once the patient has given his or her consent and it has been determined that the operation will meet his or her expectations. Anesthesia is used throughout the procedure to keep the patient from feeling any pain. The entire process is successfully accomplished in this way. On the patient’s face, small incisions are created at the spots where the skin and hair converge. After that, the extra drooping and distorted skin is recovered and a stretching method is used to obtain the ideal appearance through these incisions.

Cutting can also be used, if necessary, to get rid of extra skin tissue. Deep creases and wrinkles around the face are also eliminated in this method. Surgery for a temporal lift, which usually takes 30 to 60 minutes, may take a little longer in patients who have severe facial aging. There is no scar on the patient’s face after the healing process since the incisions made to stretch the skin during the treatment are very small and are made near the base of the hair.

Benefits Of Temporal Lift

Deep lines and wrinkles on the forehead and face look less noticeable. It restores the appearance of drooping and distortion in the area of the face brought on by aging, the negative effects of gravity, weight reduction, and genetic factors. Those with both visual and cosmetic issues can make up whatever they like because of the upper eyelid drooping, which widens their viewing angles. The appearance of the wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes is improved. Frequent facial expressions and frowning are removed, which results in a tense and worn-out facial appearance. The facial expression will be younger and more animated.

How Long Does Temporal Lift Take?

Under general anesthesia, a temporal lift procedure typically takes 30 to 60 minutes to perform. The patient can stand up and eat for three hours following the procedure. If the patient is still feeling good at the conclusion of the sixth hour, he may be released. After the procedure, it’s perfectly normal to experience some minor soreness in the intervention area. Painkillers prescribed by the doctor can readily regulate this process.

After having a temporal lift, the patient could experience swelling and numbness. The average time it takes for these minor side effects to go away on their own is two weeks. In a similar vein, any facial bruising entirely vanishes throughout this time.

After the procedure, you should avoid being in the sun directly for at least 3 days, and you should routinely reapply sunscreen to your face.

Those with thick skin structures take a bit longer to observe the results, whilst those with thin skin structures start to perceive the rejuvenating effects of the temple lift procedure on the face after an average of three months.

Temporal Lift Aftercare

Transient side effects including bruising, swelling, and numbness that develop after surgery usually go away on their own in 2 weeks on average. The intervention region should not be handled or scraped during the healing phase to avoid infection. Following the procedure, avoid mimics and movements that will push the intervention area.

For at least three months, the patient’s face shouldn’t be in the sun, and they shouldn’t go outside without sunscreen. While going outside, it is advised to use sunglasses and to avoid squinting or bending the corners of the eyes because of the sun. Those who use glasses to read should not attempt to squint their eyes to read any text.

For at least three months following surgery, stay away from hot places like saunas, Turkish baths, and spas because they will exacerbate facial edema.

Does Temporal Lift Have Any Risks?

Temporal lift is a quick, risk-free, and extremely effective procedure when carried out by qualified medical professionals in a clean operating room. Other than minor bruising, swelling, and numbness after the treatment, there are no major adverse effects. Moreover, these side effects also go away entirely in around two weeks. Unfortunately, there are several hazards associated with temporal lift procedures carried out without meeting all of these prerequisites, ranging from infection of the intervention site to the development of facial asymmetry. Because of this, just like with all other aesthetic procedures, selecting the right specialist for your temporal lift treatment is crucial for achieving satisfying results and reducing any potential complications.

Is Temporal Lift Permanent?

Unlike to other botox and thread lift techniques, the wrinkle-free, sagging, and youthful effect delivered in the facial area is permanent with the temporal lift application. Even if there is a little amount of sagging over time brought on by gravity and aging, the person nevertheless appears to be around ten years younger than his friends, despite the fact that aging’s effects cannot be stopped.

Temporal Lift Prices

At Quartz Clinic, applications for Temporal Lift are made by specialists in the field. The Ministry of Health-approved clinics is not allowed by law to list prices on their websites or in their news releases. The cost of the temporal lift application also varies according to the patient’s needs, the doctor’s experience, and the caliber of the clinic. By calling us at 0212 241 46 24, our patients who wish to have a stretching treatment in the temple and forehead area applied to them may get an appointment and more information about how to get rid of the indications of aging on their face.