StarWalker Q Switched Laser

The skin is the most important organ that affects how you look, and skin problems are among the most common health problems that can make you look less attractive. Skin spots, acne scars, and sunspots that come with getting older can make your skin look bad because they mess up the way your skin tone is spread out. As medical technology has improved, new ways to treat skin problems and rejuvenate the skin have been found. One of them is the Q-Switch laser treatment, which uses laser beams to get rid of skin problems and unwanted tattoos in a safe way.

StarWalker Q Switched Laser method can be used to get rid of tattoos, sunspots, age spots, freckles, and any other kind of spot. With this method, the laser light that is sent to your skin can only work on the spot that needs treatment, without hurting the tissues around it. Before the procedure, an anesthetic cream can be put on, and cooling can be used during the procedure. The session duration is 10-15 minutes. The number and length of sessions can change based on how the skin is made, what color it is, and how big the area being worked on is.

What Causes Skin Spots?

Spots on the skin happen when melanocyte cells, which give the skin its natural color, make too much melanin or don’t make it evenly. In general, the structure of the melanocyte cell can be changed by exposure to sunlight, genetics, drugs, pregnancy, and chemicals. Sunspots can make your face, hands, back, chest, and decollate look bad.

These are what makes spots on the skin:

Long exposure to sun rays

Applications like waxing and peeling that isn’t done right

  • Some drugs used (blood pressure medications, antibiotics, etc.)
  • Things like genes
  • Hormone therapy for aging and pregnancy
  • If you use the wrong beauty product,
  • Skin problems in the past
  • Bad eating habits
  • Not enough water is being used
  • Smoking

How To Treat Skin Spots?

There are two of each spot. Age spots and sunspots happen when the cells that give skin its color multiply (melanocytes). Since these are living cells, creams can’t let them through. Laser therapy is an effective way to treat these. On the other hand, the staining substance (melanin pigment) on the skin increases in melasma, acne spots, and darkening spots in general. For these, you can use spot creams or laser treatment. In any case, after the physical exam and any other tests that the doctor needs to do to figure out the skin problem, the right treatment method is chosen and started.

What Is StarWalker Method?

Unlike all other laser devices, StarWalker Q Switched Lasers are devices with advanced technology that can make very powerful pulses in a very short time. Since it hits the target very quickly, heat escape to the surrounding tissue is minimal and thus the surrounding tissue is not damaged much. Therefore, by keeping the selectivity at the maximum level, only the targeted tissue can be applied.

Where Can StarWalker Be Applied?

StarWalker Q Switched Laser is the most popular method for treating spots and getting rid of tattoos. Besides this, there are also places to use it. Most often, it is used for the following:

  • Care on the spot (Age spots, sun spots, birthmarks, Mongolian spots, freckles, light brown spots called cafe-au-lait, etc.),
  • Tattoo removal,
  • Skin rejuvenation (Increases collagen production to reverse signs of aging),
  • It works well to get rid of toenail fungus.

After enough sessions, you can get rid of age spots and sun spots for good. So, if a patient wants, these signs of aging on their hands and faces can be completely removed. The amount of time it takes to apply and the number of sessions needed to get rid of the spots completely depend on the patient’s skin and how bad the spots are.

How Does StarWalker Work?

The Q-Switch laser can make a very powerful pulse in less time than other laser devices. Starwalker MAQ X is a gadget with high-tech features. By hitting the target quickly, very little heat is lost to the tissue around it. So, there isn’t much damage to the surrounding tissue. Since the treatment is as selective as it can be, it is only put on the tissue that needs it. One of the most popular ways to treat skin spots with lasers is the Q-Switch method. After enough sessions, this treatment can get rid of age spots and sun spots for good. People can easily get rid of age spots on their hands and faces with Q-Switch laser treatment. 

Depending on the person’s skin and how bad the spots are, the amount of time it takes to apply the cream and the number of sessions needed for the spots to go away completely can vary.

What To Expect From StarWalker Treatment?

Even after a sunspot has been treated, if the area is exposed to the sun again until it heals, it may get darker. So, it is very important to keep the sun away from the laser area. Winter is a much better time to treat spots than summer. After all laser treatments, people with sensitive or cold skin are told to use creams that soothe and calm the skin. After the procedure, you should stay out of the sun and use the sunscreen creams your doctor tells you to use every day, even if it’s cloudy.

Can StarWalker Remove Tattoos?

When the StarWalker Q Switched Laser hits the big pieces of tattoo ink that the body can’t get rid of, it breaks them up into smaller pieces. In the weeks that follow, the body’s immune system gets rid of the tiny pieces of broken-up ink, which makes the tattoo fade. Laser tattoo removal is the only way that has been shown to work and not leave any marks. Because of this, people who want their tattoos removed can have the procedure done safely if the doctor thinks it’s a good idea.

But there is no guarantee because the result depends on things like the color of the tattoo, the color of the patient’s skin, where the tattoo was made, and the type and amount of paint used. In this way, it is very important for the doctor to look at and evaluate the patient.

 Because the number of sessions needed can depend on how much pigment is in the skin and what color the laser is. Most of the time, you need between 4 and 8 laser sessions. With multicolored tattoos and professional tattoos, the number of sessions may go up. It’s best to wait 6 weeks between laser treatments so that the body’s immune system has time to get rid of the small pieces of ink. Some people might want to get rid of a visible tattoo before something like a wedding or military service. When this happens, using treatments too close together or in high doses could cause permanent side effects. Also, no one knows how long it will take for the body to clean up the shredded ink. So, tattoo removal should be well thought out, sessions should be spaced out at the right times, and people shouldn’t act too quickly.

Possible Risks And Side Effects Of StarWalker

In the target tissue, laser energy changes into heat energy, which burns the target and kills it. So, mild redness and swelling are normal but short-term side effects after the procedure. Pay attention to what the doctor tells you to do after the procedure so that the side effects go away quickly. After high-dose treatments that are too strong, side effects like water bubbles, wounds, bruises, spots, and scars may appear.

StarWalker Q Switched Laser Prices In Turkey

Starwalker Q Switch Laser treatment costs can vary based on the area to be treated, the skin’s condition, and the method to be used. You can talk to your doctor about Q Switch Laser treatment if you also have skin problems like freckles, sunspots, or acne scars, or if you want to get rid of a tattoo. For the price of Q Switch Laser treatment to be determined, a thorough physical exam of your skin problems should be done before any applications are made for skin rejuvenation and the removal of defects. If your doctor says you are a good candidate for the Starwalker laser, you can schedule your laser sessions and get rid of your skin problems for good.