Non-surgical facelift

Non-surgical facelift procedures have become increasingly popular and successful in recent times, as it is now possible to achieve desired results without undergoing surgery. The utilization of non-surgical facelift techniques has become more common than ever before. Different wrinkles and sagging appear with growing older, especially around the face. People’s psychology may be negatively impacted by this circumstance.

Because of this, many people seek to get rid of their wrinkles. Using non-surgical techniques makes it simpler to combat this problem, which produces discomfort in people.

What’s Non-Surgical Face Lift?

People have always wished to look more youthful and attractive throughout history. Many masks and treatments were used to make the skin look smoother and brighter before the invention of technology technologies.

In Turkey, the usage of facelifts in recent years has made it feasible to apply aesthetics quickly, without causing any disruption to people’s everyday lives, and without the need for surgery.

Deep wrinkles and sagging appear on our faces every day as a result of gravity, gravity-related facial gestures, and aging. Many people wish to reclaim their former appearances, but they eschew surgical procedures in favor of less invasive alternatives. With the help of increasingly popular medical aesthetic procedures, one can achieve a younger, more vibrant appearance. These non-surgical therapies are alternatives to surgical interventions, which the doctor will choose based on the patient’s needs.

What Are The Best Non-Surgical Face Lift Methods?

In comparison to surgery, anti-wrinkle treatments are among the most popular anti-aging treatments available today. The tools and materials utilized in the facelift procedure aid in skin tightening, skin smoothening, and naturally reactivating collagen, whose production declines with age.

While the skin becomes stronger due to the generation of new collagen, lines, and wrinkles are dramatically diminished. Every anti-aging application should be planned specifically for the individual.

The advantage of the operation on the skin can be increased in this way. The examination is necessary before therapy because every skin type is unique. There are numerous non-surgical facelifting techniques.

According to the structure and requirements of the skin, as determined by the examination, the person will receive one of these treatments.

Non-Surgical Face Lift With Collagen Fillers

The collagen framework that supports the skin gradually deteriorates over time as we become older. The collagen fibers under the epidermis are subjected to pressure from facial lines, repeated facial expressions, and other external factors.

The skin on the face becomes less elastic due to the degradation and loss of collagen. Moreover, it contributes to the aging effects of drooping, wrinkles, and dullness on the skin by keeping it dehydrated.

The human dermis and the bottom layer of the human skin are two places in the human body where collagen is a naturally occurring protein. The component collagen gives the skin firmness and flexibility.

Collagen is injected into the skin as a filler to soften the skin, lessen the appearance of wrinkles, and improve skin tone, giving the skin elasticity, gloss, and tension. Collagen filler also smoothes out wrinkles, strengthens the thin skin layer, and thickens fine lines.

Thermage Face Lift

With a technique that uses radio frequency waves to heat the collagen bands that make up the subcutaneous connective tissue, it is feasible to achieve a result that lasts for years in just one session. All seasons can be used for Thermage, a laser treatment that won’t interfere with your everyday activities.

You can get rid of the tiny lines on the borders of your lips, your forehead wrinkles, and the crow’s feet around your eyes with the help of the Thermage application, which tightens collagen. Your face can be instantly free of sagging and wrinkles, and you can witness the results of the procedure after 4-6 months. The use of Thermage has long-lasting effects.

Thread Face Lift (Spider Web)

The premise behind the spider web method, one of the most popular applications in recent years, is to stretch the skin using threads that are suitable for it. The strongest and most beautiful structure in nature—the spider web—inspired the spider web approach.

A thread facelift is a non-invasive surgery. The spider web technique can raise the face, make you look younger, and give you more shape. As a non-surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation, the spider web method—also known as the Thread Face Lift—offers advantages over aesthetic surgery in terms of addressing potential issues and skin sagging.

Particularly for drooping cheeks and chin, it is a really efficient treatment where you can observe safe and quick results. The application starts to have an impact as soon as the procedure is finished.

Although being a non-surgical option, the operation takes roughly 30 minutes. After the treatment, patients can resume their regular routines and, the next day, can shower and put on makeup.

The procedure’s effects may linger for two to three years. It should not be overlooked that the employed thread material disintegrates naturally with time. The spider web technique is thus a repeatable skin stretching technique.

Facial Mesotherapy

The goal of facial mesotherapy is to treat the skin’s vitamin and mineral deficiencies while also eradicating damage to the face caused by the sun, stress, environmental causes, and aging.

Significant skin advantages are provided by hyaluronic acid and amino acids, which promote skin regeneration during the facial mesotherapy process. These compounds, which are injected beneath the skin, stimulate the skin and boost the formation of elastin and collagen, giving the skin hydration.

Age-related changes to the skin include dullness, an absence of liveliness, fine lines, age spots, sagging, and deformations. The moisturizing and rejuvenating creams applied topically in this situation are unable to sufficiently penetrate the subcutaneous layer to produce the intended results.

Vitamins, minerals, and moisture that the skin loses should be provided deeply under the skin. Beneficial minerals for the skin are injected directly under the skin during the facial mesotherapy procedure, which maximizes their effectiveness.

Mesotherapy for the face can improve the skin’s radiance and brightness while rehydrating the skin. Those with small wrinkles, deformities, a lifeless appearance, and stains on their skin can nevertheless achieve very positive results.


Ultherapy treatment is one of the newest and most successful non-surgical facelift methods. Ultherapy commonly referred to as a non-surgical face-lifting procedure, is used to treat facial drooping and wrinkles.

Deep subcutaneous tissue layers are the focus of the micro-focused ultrasound employed in the Ultherapy process. The most cutting-edge facelift procedure, Ulthera, employs the heat approach to precisely control the depth at which micro-focused ultrasonic energy is delivered under the skin.

Ultherapy technology starts the subcutaneous self-healing process using ultrasonic energy, just the way a magnifying glass concentrates solar energy. Under the skin, Ultherapy treatment speeds up collagen formation. Collagen production causes a lifting effect on the skin, completing the non-surgical facelift.

Who Isn’t A Good Candidate For Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Those with severely sagging skin around the chin and jowls, very thin skin and a lot of subcutaneous adipose tissue are not candidates for facelift procedures.

Facelift procedures are not advised for those who are expecting or nursing babies, have blood clotting disorders, or have extremely thick skin. In addition, we successfully apply non-surgical stretching techniques to all of our patients who are determined to be candidates as a result of our skilled dermatologists’ evaluations.

How To Get Ready For Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Non-surgical facelift is one of the methods designed to remove the sagging areas that have built up on the skin over time, delaying the appearance of aging by up to 10 years. Those who will complete this application should unquestionably let their doctor know about any medications taken prior to the application.

In particular, blood-thinning medications should no longer be taken starting 15 days prior to the application. Taking precautions against potential bleeding entails avoiding items that will hinder blood from clotting before the application.

The likelihood of dangers occurring during the application is reduced by abstaining from alcohol for about 4 days prior to it.

How Many Times Can You Get A Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Even if the facelift application has a long-lasting impact, if the doctor feels it necessary, we can perform it again if the result gradually fades with age.

We are unable to quickly expand the same area without surgery, though. We assess how many treatments your skin will require and proceed with your applications accordingly.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Aftercare

Non-surgical stretching takes 30-45 minutes while under local anesthetic. There is no issue for the user to carry on with their normal life following the application because we did not make any surgical incisions. During two to three days, minor skin redness and bruises entirely go away.

Does Non-Surgical Face Lift Leave Scars?

There are no scars left behind because the non-surgical stretching application is not done in an operating room. Since it is manufactured with such tiny needle tips, there are no traces or stains left behind on the skin. It takes less time for the pinkish-redness to go away and no scars form as a result.

Is Non-Surgical Face Lift Permanent?

Using various techniques, facelift procedures boost collagen synthesis beneath the skin to high levels once more and give the skin a beautiful appearance. On average, it is permanent for two years, but depending on the person, it could last up to four or six years.

Does Non-Surgical Face Lift Have Any Risks?

Applications of non-surgical stretching are done independently of any surgical procedure, so problems don’t happen. Following the application, folks can carry on with their daily activities.

We carry out the application risk-free. Due to this, it is important to choose the application by conducting the required research on the clinic and the physician whom you will have the application.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Prices

The Ministry of Health cannot legally allow facilities to list prices on their websites. By calling our polyclinic at 02122414624, you can learn more about the costs of a non-surgical facelift.