Say goodbye to extra skin, fat, and looseness in the neck area with a neck lift. Women place a lot of emphasis on having a tight, youthful-looking neck structure that extends from their jawline to their breasts. The neck region starts to droop and relax with time due to gravity, age, genetics, weight gain, and other causes. With personal attention, this circumstance cannot be avoided. The aesthetics of a person’s face look are also impacted by the drooping that develops in the neck area. Nowadays, thanks to advanced technology, neck lift procedures are quite simple to carry out. It was simple to escape from this predicament.

Over time, the neck region begins to show certain indications of age in addition to the aging of the face. Comparing the neck region’s aging to the face region’s reveals some discrepancies. In humans, the platysma, a very thin muscle, lies on top of the neck skin. This muscle can develop longitudinal wrinkles over the year, primarily transversely on the skin. Different factors contribute to aging signs, jowl fat buildup, and decreased skin flexibility in the neck region.

What’s A Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure used to rejuvenate the service-chin region by removing double chins and age-related creases in the neck area. a thorough neck lift;

Depending on the situation, may involve platysmaplasty, cervicoplasty, and liposuction to remove extra skin and fat (lift of the cervical muscle – platysma). A facelift and neck lift are frequently performed together, or peeling, dermabrasion, or laser skin resurfacing may be added. With a neck lift procedure, you may get rid of your jowl and seem younger and more refreshed.

Deformities between the face and décolletage are eliminated using neck and double chin surgeries. Vaser liposuction is used to remove extra fat tissue during the neck and double chin operations. At the same time that extra skin is removed, the neck area of the patient looks younger and more attractive.

The skin around the neck and double chin may begin to droop as a result of age or hereditary factors. The individual seems older than their actual age due to the drooping skin around the neck. A person may appear depressed and age if they have a double chin and droopy neck. You can get operations for your neck and double chin to solve this issue and make you seem younger.

When Should You Get A Neck Lift?

People who are unhappy with the way their neck looks and are looking for a thorough, long-lasting treatment should think about getting neck cosmetic surgery. A neck lift can help with the following issues:

  • Extra neck skin that is wrinkled
  • Loss of neck and jaw definition
  • Neck bands and fatty tissue present
  • Neck skin and tissue that is sagging
  • Under-chin fullness or a double chin
  • The neck disrupts the symmetry of the face’s features

Who Can Get A Neck Lift? 

The neck lift procedure is appropriate for patients who have substantial neck aging that makes them appear considerably older than their actual age. People who are candidates for neck lift surgery should be in good health, should not smoke, and should have realistic expectations for the procedure’s outcomes.

Additionally, neck lift surgery is a great option if the patient undergoing facelift surgery also has neck sagging, wrinkles, or jowl issues. If just a facelift is performed, the patient will have a young face and an aged neck, making it clear that surgery was only performed on the face.

How Should You Get Ready For A Neck Lift?

Our doctor conducts a checkup before doing a neck lift, like with any other surgery. The doctor then decides on the surgical procedure and explains it to the patient based on this.

Patients must disclose to their doctors any illnesses, past surgeries, and drugs they are taking.

Before surgery, patients should discontinue using blood thinners. This is done to avoid issues like bleeding during and after the procedure. The patient should refrain from eating and drinking for at least six hours before the procedure since an anesthetic will be administered during the procedure. The doctor informs the patient of this time.

Depending on the patient, there may be a different maximum age restriction for neck lift procedures. This condition depends on whether or not the patient is a surgical candidate. Anybody who doesn’t have a medical condition that would preclude them from having surgery can have a neck lift.

Smoking before surgery reduces blood flow, which has an impact on the healing process. Prior to the procedure, the patient must cease smoking by the date prescribed by the doctor.

Why Should You Get A Neck Lift?

Neck lift has a lot of advantages for patients. The neck and jawline can both significantly benefit cosmetically from a neck lift. As part of a patient’s cosmetic surgery strategy, this cosmetic surgery treatment may be carried out either separately or in combination with other face surgeries.

A more slender and youthful profile that reveals the patient’s natural face shape and restores lift and firmness to the skin and facial features are among the outcomes of neck lift surgery. Platysmaplasty efficiently treats unattractive neck characteristics including extra skin and fatty deposits that may be the consequence of congenital conditions or weight reduction. There are various advantages to neck lifts, to put it briefly. Which are:

  • Young and trim profile
  • Restored firmness and lift
  • Skin that isn’t sagging or flabby

How Does Neck Lift Work?

Patients must undergo local or general anesthesia as well as sedation for the neck lift treatment; the type of sedation used depends on the patient’s medical needs and preferences as well as how much the neck has to be tightened and elevated.

To successfully remove fatty deposits in the neck tissues, the neck lift is frequently done in combination with liposuction. Liposuction won’t fix any structural problems in the neck, despite the fact that some plastic surgeons simply use it to tighten the skin around the neck.

Our doctors make use of the advantages of both neck lift surgery and liposuction to provide comprehensive surgical accuracy for all-encompassing outcomes. A neck lift can be carried out either conventionally or with a few small incisions.

Incisions for classic neck plastic surgery frequently start at the hairline, go around the ear, and conclude in the back hair. The tissue beneath the neck is then realigned, the platysma muscle is tightened, and fat from the jowls and neck is sculpted. The surgeon cuts and removes extra skin from the neck after the skin has been redraped over the contours of the raised area.

After making a second incision beneath the chin, the physician does liposuction to remove any remaining fatty deposits. Sutures are used to seal the incisions after the extra skin and fat have been removed.

A tiny neck lift, also known as a short-scar neck lift, often just requires an ear incision. The outcomes of a short-scar neck lift are less extensive than with a standard neck lift operation because of the smaller and shorter incisions.

Can You Get Neck Lift With Liposuction?

Liposuction and neck lift surgery is carried out under sedation or local anesthetic. With liposuction, the fat that has built up in the neck region is removed using small cannulas. People find it quite challenging to shed weight around their necks. Patients who have neck-related issues can safely select the liposuction approach. To remove fat from the neck region, the Vaser liposuction treatment is advised.

Vaser liposuction removes too much fat from the patient all at once. Vaser liposuction, on the other hand, involves melting the fats before sucking them out. This approach allows for a patient-friendly procedure to be carried out. Vaser liposuction uses the impact of heat to tighten the person’s sagging skin picture. Thread lifts can be done using small incisions behind the ear if the patient’s neck has too much drooping. The sling technique raises the skin. Local anesthetic is used for this procedure, and the procedure lasts, on average, 30 minutes. However, it should be noted that neck lift surgery is suggested for persons with weak skin elasticity.

Non-Surgical Neck Lift

Radiofrequency is used to achieve a non-surgical neck lift. With Thermage Cpt, a non-surgical procedure, RF is administered to the deep layer of the skin, giving the patient’s skin a taut and young appearance. The skin is naturally expanded by heating the collagen fibers in the drooping neck region. It takes around 45 minutes to complete the operation. It is not a lifetime commitment. Within the window of 2-4 years suggested by your doctor, it is advised to repeat the procedure. After the Thermage treatment, normal activities can resume.

Neck Lift With Ultherapy

Ultherapy is a lifting technique used on the neck. Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment. The lifting and recovery of neck sagging is made possible by ultrasound. Controlled thermal damage is left behind by focusing the application head’s sensitive tip 4.5 mm, 3 mm, and 1.5 mm below the skin, and the skin is tightened by the body’s natural mending process. The patient can simply resume everyday activities after the operation.

Neck Lift Recovery Process

The kind of neck lift done, how much skin and fat was removed, and if any additional operations were done in addition to the neck lift, among other things, all affect how long healing takes after surgery.

To ensure that any indications of problems or unusual symptoms are quickly identified during the healing process, it is crucial to closely check the incision sites, the face, and the neck. It is advised to keep the head elevated to maintain quick healing and reduce swelling.

For postoperative monitoring, patients stay in the hospital for one to two days on average following the treatment so that they may be treated quickly in the event of significant pain or problems like bleeding or infection. Following a neck lift, swelling, bruising, skin numbness, and stiffness are possible side effects. Usually, they vanish within seven to 10 days.

After the surgery, two weeks of recuperation should be scheduled. Exercise and hard physical labor should be avoided for four weeks following surgery. After 1-2 weeks, the patient may usually resume their normal routine. Direct sunlight should be avoided for the first three months following the treatment in order to prevent the scarring process from being hampered.

How Long Will Neck Lift Results Last?

Your neck lift operation should produce immediate effects. The benefits will become more visible over time since it takes several weeks for the swelling to completely go down.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the surgery does not reverse the effects of aging. By keeping a healthy weight, abstaining from smoking, and using sunscreen on your skin, you may extend the benefits of your neck lift for far over a decade.

Is Neck Lift Permanent?

Depending on the patient’s behaviors, the outcomes of the neck and double chin operations may or may not be permanent. The patient’s double chin fat is eliminated during the neck and double chin treatments. After surgery, fat will unavoidably accumulate if the patient continues to gain weight.

We advise adding the neck tightening technique to the operation if the neck and double chin surgeries are performed on patients over 50. Due to gravity and age, patients may have a drooping double chin again after having their necks tightened, although it won’t be as noticeable or severe as it was before the procedure.

Neck Lift Prices In Turkey

A neck lift seeks to make the neck tauter. Reasons to favor a neck lift include the jowls, looseness, and extra fat tissue that develop with gravity. Now that we have the technology and newer gadgets, doing a neck lift is really comfortable and simple.

The cost of a neck lift might vary depending on the patient’s health issues and physical condition. The cost of a neck lift is influenced by a number of variables. The cost is determined by elements like the procedure to be used and the doctor’s level of experience. It is crucial to be investigated for this reason. You should have an examination by our doctor in order to learn more specifically about the Neck Lift and to learn which approach is best for you. At the conclusion of the exam, you may learn your Neck Lift Price information in the most precise manner.

Clinics recognized by the Ministry of Health are not permitted to provide price information on their websites due to regulatory limitations. Therefore, to get in touch with us and learn more about Neck Lift Prices, please phone 0212 241 46 24.