Mons Lift ; Gravity forces swelling from the abdomen towards the mons pubis, making the pubic region momentarily look bigger after liposuction. 

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Let’s say you underwent surgery to flatten your abdomens, such as an abdominoplasty or liposuction. Even if there haven’t been any physical changes to the pubic region, you can start noticing your pubic fat. Flattening the abdomen could give the pubic area the appearance of sticking out more.

Congenital, or present from birth, refers to a propensity to have extra fat in the pubic region. Due to a genetic predisposition for focused fat accumulation, some people with a prominent mons pubis in this location can be of ordinary weight or even underweight.

Additionally, gaining weight may result in a larger mons pubis. It is uncommon to find an obese guy or woman who does not have extra weight in the pubic region. Additionally, the skin around the pubic area has the potential to loosen and droop.

What Causes Large Mons Pubis?

Most people who have a large mons pubis do so because they have gained weight. When extra fat builds up in the mons pubis, it makes the area look big and swollen, and the skin above it gets stretched. When someone loses weight, the loose skin can’t go back to how tight it was before because the skin has lost its elasticity. This makes the mons pubis sag. The tendency for extra fat to build up in the mons pubis can sometimes be caused by your genes.

Women who have had a C-section before may end up with a prominent mons pubis. Scars from a C-section can sometimes be so deep that they reach the muscle layer below. This can cause the mons pubis and lower abdomen to bulge.

High levels of estrogen can cause the mons pubis to get fat because of changes in hormones. This is why the mons pubis is more likely to get bigger in women than in men.

How Does Mons Lift Work?

Mons reduction surgery is designed to reduce the prominence of a large mons pubis which improves its overall appearance. Some people may have functional symptoms including difficulty in having sexual intercourse and may suffer from personal hygiene issues related to passing urine. There are two primary methods for performing mons reduction.

Both procedures take approximately one to two hours to complete. Mons lift surgery is performed as a day case, and you will be able to return home on the same day as your surgery. 

How To Get Ready For Monsplasty?

You will meet with our health staff before your mons lift surgery. Dr. Leyla Arvas will look at your overall health, including any health problems or risk factors you already have, and talk to you about what you expect from the procedure. Tell her if you’ve had surgery before and if you’re taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicines or herbal supplements. Aspirin, pain relievers, and some herbal supplements can make you more likely to bleed.

Then, while you’re standing, our doctor will look at your mons pubis. When you stand up, she can see how your skin and fat look on your body and how gravity affects the area.The surgeon will mark the treatment area with a marker. The marks help our doctor plan the procedure, such as where to make cuts (incisions), how to make the shape even (symmetry), and how to hide or reduce scars.

What Happens During Monslift?

Most monsplasties are done with general anesthesia, which puts you to sleep so you’re not awake and don’t feel any pain. In some cases, your doctor will use local anesthesia and a sedative that you take by mouth. Only your mons pubis and the area around it are numbed by local anesthesia. A sedative that you take by mouth helps you feel calm and sleepy, but you can wake up quickly if you need to.

After putting you to sleep or giving you medicine, your surgeon will use a sharp, thin knife (scalpel) to cut across your mons pubis in a horizontal line. Then, your doctor will use a scalpel or surgical scissors to cut away any extra skin and fat. Then, they’ll use internal sutures to pull your muscles and other tissues together and shape them.

Lastly, your doctor may put small tubes made of silicone in your mons pubis to drain any blood or fluid. They will sew the tubes in place and close up the cut.

What To Expect After Monsplasty?

After the mons lift is done, our doctor will put bandages over the cuts. She may also put an elastic bandage or compression garment around the area to help reduce swelling and support your mons pubis while it heals.

Our anesthesiologist will stop giving you medicine to help you stay asleep. You’ll be moved to a recovery room, where our medical staff will wait for you to wake up and keep an eye on your health.

Most mons lift surgeries don’t need you to stay in the hospital, so you can go home the same day. If you have a mentoplasty at the same time as a tummy tuck or liposuction, you may have to stay at the hospital overnight.

When our doctors decide that you don’t need to be watched anymore, they’ll let you go home. After your surgery, a family member or friend must take you home and care for you for at least the first 24 hours.

Benefits Of Having Monsplasty

Mons pubis reduction is mostly done to make the mons pubis area look better, but it may also help people with a lot of extra skin who have problems with how it works. People with a big mons pubis may have trouble going to the bathroom and having normal sexual relations. This is because of sagging skin that goes all the way down to the external genitalia and urethra. Because of this, it is much harder to get good penetration for sexual activity.

Many people find that they can’t clean themselves well in the area because there is so much loose skin. This could cause skin irritation and lead to bacterial and fungal infections in the area.

Some women who have had a Caesarean section before may have scars that are thicker in the lower abdomen. This can cause the scar to stick to the muscle layer below. The skin under the scar stays flexible, which lets it grow longer and lower over time, making mons stand out. People who have lost a lot of weight may end up with a lot of loose skin around their stomachs. The best way to get rid of loose skin is with a tummy tuck. Mons lift surgery is often done at the same time as a tummy tuck to flatten a mons pubis that is too big and would look bad if just a tummy tuck was done. People can lose confidence because of how they look and having a mons pubis reduction can help them regain their confidence and feel better about themselves.

Is Mons Lift Surgery Painful?

Most people feel the most pain in the first few days after a pubic lift. You might feel swollen, bruised, and painful, and your cuts might bleed a little. After five to seven days, you may feel less pain and discomfort. Some people take painkillers that their doctors have given them. Always tell our doctor about your allergies and give them a full medical history.

After a week or two, the swelling should go down. You might still be sore and bruised. You should be able to do simple things again, like work at a desk. But you can’t do anything too strenuous for at least four to six weeks.

Your cut might not be fully healed for at least eight weeks. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s bodies are different, so recovery times may be different. Follow our doctor’s advice on how to deal with pain and discomfort while you’re healing.

How Much Does Mons Lift Surgery Cost?

Like most cosmetic surgeries, a mons lift is almost always done for reasons of beauty and not because it is necessary for health. Most other types of health insurance will only pay for procedures that are medically necessary, so a mons lift is not usually covered. The prices are so different because you’re paying for more than one service. According to the rules of the Ministry of Health, prices can’t be posted online. Call us at +90 212 241 46 24 to schedule a consultation and find out everything you want to know about mons lift surgery.