Medical Skin Care

The face is made bright and vibrant with medical skin care. The skin breathes as a result of its thorough washing and blood circulation. Medical skin care solutions, which are chosen based on the requirements of each skin type, are delivered deeply into the person’s skin and the skin shines as a result of the cleaning and opening of the pores on the skin.

Medical skin care purifies the filth that has built up from the top layer of the skin to the deepest layer of the skin to provide deep moisturizing. Sebum equilibrium is recovered. Medical skin care uses cosmetic dermatology products. The method of application varies according to the user’s skin type, age, and skin issues. Medical skin treatment is available to both men and women of all ages.

Medical skin care is crucial to preserving skin health and fighting aging. For instance, when oil secreted from the person’s skin combines with dirt or makeup residues deposited in the top layer of the skin, the pores become blocked. The skin cannot therefore self-clean. Sebum equilibrium is crucial; when it’s out of balance, it can lead to issues with skin drying out or becoming overly oily. The signs of aging become apparent if the sebum balance is off. Medical skin care can help fight age.

What’s Medical Skin Care?

Medical skin care deeply hydrates the skin, cleanses it of accumulated filth starting at the top, and assists the skin in regaining its sebum equilibrium.

It is created utilizing cosmetics for skin conditions. Uses and products may change according to a person’s skin type, age, skin issues, and demands. It is a skincare regimen that is at the top of the list of beauty secrets that people of all ages should start using in order to safeguard the health of their skin, as it offers anti-aging protection and has no adverse effects. Any skin care products that clean, moisturize, and help the skin regain its suppleness can be categorized as medical skin care.

With time, oil produced by the skin and debris and cosmetics residue that has gathered in the epidermis’ upper layers blocks pores. Skin without breathing becomes unable to properly maintain itself. We may claim that many skin issues begin with the sebum equilibrium becoming out of balance. It contributes to typical skin issues like too oily or dry skin, and it makes the signs of age manifest much more readily and swiftly in the skin with imbalanced sebum production.

Why Should You Get Medical Skin Care?

The skin continues to rejuvenate itself because of routine medical skin care since the lymphatic and blood circulation systems are working properly. The skin can keep its vitality because the subcutaneous tissues receive enough oxygen. Among the numerous advantages of using medical skin care are:

  • Provides protection against aging.
  • Makes the skin more permeable
  • Stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Maintains the equilibrium of sebum
  • Offers defense against skin imperfections
  • Stops elasticity loss

Medical skin care protects your skin from irritation, prevents issues like acne and blemishes caused by improper cosmetic use, and helps you get to know your skin better because products appropriate for your skin type are applied by experts.

How Does Medical Skin Care Work?

Before beginning the medical skin care application, a thorough examination and skin analysis are conducted to properly assess the needs of the skin and evaluate the person’s skin in depth. The medical skin care session then starts when the customized care plan has been decided. The patient’s skin is first meticulously washed to get rid of any makeup, grime, and sebum. Treatments are then begun on the clean, new skin surface once the dead skin and any minor residues on the skin surface have been removed. Steam causes the skin to soften and open its pores, making it ready for application.

The skin’s black spots, oil buttons, and acne are cleaned off thanks to the skin’s larger pores, which also make it possible to undertake the necessary operations for a smooth skin appearance. The skin is fully disinfected after being cleaned of its roughness and blocked pores, and high-frequency application is then begun. In this approach, the newly appearing acne dries up and the skin’s healing procedure is quickened. The medical skin care session is concluded with the use of sun cream, which is applied with the massage that promotes blood circulation, after the application of the care mask and moisturizer.

Which Skin Deformities Can Be Fixed With Medical Skin Care?

By cleansing the dead skin cells, make-up residue, pollution, oil, and blackheads accumulated on the skin with the use of specifically selected medical products in line with the demands of the skin, medical skin care is therapeutic treatment that helps to regenerate the skin and get rid of skin disorders. After receiving medical skin care, the person’s skin becomes less lifeless and appears more vibrant, brighter, and healthier.

Medical skin care is administered in addition to treating various skin issues in order to make the skin healthier and more vibrant, but only for the particular skin ailments in which this technique is carried out;

  • Acne and pimples,
  • Skin spot,
  • Redness,

Medical skin care is used in cases of decreased collagen and loss of elasticity due to aging.

Dry Skin Treatment With Medical Skin Care

Hereditary and environmental factors can cause dry skin. Individuals who have dry skin frequently also have dry skin. Medical skin care is crucial for treating dry skin.

These are some warning signs of skin dryness:

  • To prevent dryness, the skin should be hydrated.
  • Water should be shakily in contact with the skin. For instance, the bathing period should be cut short or the water temperature lower.
  • During skin washing, moisturizing products should be utilized.
  • The skin should be covered in extremely cold and windy weather to protect it.
  • Applying and using a moisturizer or sunscreen with at least SPF30 sun protection factor on a regular basis during all seasons is advised by the doctor.

Anti-aging supplements are crucial, and formulas including vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acid should only be used under a doctor’s advice and supervision.

Benefits Of Medical Skin Care

In addition to clogging pores and causing blackheads, acne, and pimples, air pollution, makeup residues, excessive sebum production, and cosmetic product residues can also dull the skin, slow down skin regeneration, and promote premature aging over time. Even while the skin is regularly washed at home, it can never be as thoroughly cleaned as in medical skincare, and even the skin’s current condition can worsen owing to the use of the wrong cosmetic items. In order to avoid all of these skin issues and to maintain healthy skin, it is crucial that the pores on the skin are cleansed frequently by professionals in the field.

Proper medical skin care helps more than only alleviate skin issues. Also, it maintains healthy skin over time. The general advantages of medical skin care can be summed up as follows: it improves the health and vitality of the skin. It is a treatment for skin issues like pimples and acne. The skin becomes more radiant and the skin spots become more visible. It makes the skin appear smooth while erasing flaws and minimizing wrinkles. It slows down the aging process because unique serums and techniques are used.

How Often Should You Get Medical Skin Care?

In order to reap the greatest benefits and obtain the desired end appearance, medical skin care must be done consistently. The individual’s skin demands will determine how frequently they should receive medical skin care. A common rule of thumb for sessions is that routine skin care should be performed at least once per month and every 21 days.

Medical skin care is a custom-designed process, just like all other medical applications, and the number of sessions is fully based on the requirements of the individual’s skin. Because of this, and despite the fact that it is incorrect to give a general time frame, we advise everyone—even those without skin issues—to have regular medical skincare at least once or twice a month to keep their skin in a healthy state.

What To Expect After Medical Skin Care?

To protect the skin after receiving medical skin care, regular (once a month) skincare should be performed. The skin has to be hydrated after a shower. Regular sun protection lotion should be applied to the skin to shield it from the sun. Use lotions with Aquafil, ceramide, and fucose if you have dry skin.

Use of alcohol- and cocoa-based soaps on the skin is not advised. If someone has sensitive skin, they should utilize hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers and liquid cleaning milk.

Those with oily skin should avoid using scrubs and soap, for example. Moreover, oil-free products must be utilized. She should use liquid or gel solutions to clean her skin as part of her daily grooming regimen.

Does Medical Skin Care Eliminate Skin Spots?

Medical skin care restores the lost shine to the skin thanks to the application of special serums, on the other hand, it clears the skin of accumulated dead skin and oils, while eradicating acne and acne problems, reducing skin blemishes, and allowing the skin to renew itself. Medical skin care provides a healthier and more vibrant skin appearance by eradicating the existing problems on the person’s skin.

Medical Skin Care Prices In Turkey

Turkey is known for its high-quality medical and cosmetic treatments, including skin care procedures. Prices for medical skin care procedures in Turkey can vary widely depending on the type of treatment, the clinic or hospital, the location, and other factors.

At Quartz Clinic, qualified estheticians provide medical skin care. The Ministry of Health cannot legally allow facilities to list prices on their websites. The cost of medical skin care also varies depending on the needs of the patient’s skin, the recommended number of sessions, and the caliber of the items utilized. For this reason, our patients can call us at 0212 241 46 24 to make an appointment and obtain more information. They can also get medical skin treatment to eliminate their skin problems and give them a healthier, brighter, and smoother skin appearance.