You can use the Lymph Drainage or Pressotherapy apps to keep healthy and shed pounds. 

The lymphatic system, one of the immune system’s most crucial components that aid in toxin removal and support a healthy body and antiaging, is crucial. On the one hand, it eliminates the toxins and edema that have built up in the body; on the other hand, it boosts the immune system and the body’s capacity to fight off disease.

Lymph Drainage

You will see better benefits faster when you combine pressotherapy with a healthy diet and exercise. Lymph drainage is another method for removing the toxins, fats, and liquids that contribute to cellulite. Your skin will restore its suppleness, boosting oxygen delivery to body tissues and enabling cellular renewal.

Also, the therapy boosts your body’s natural defenses, boosts your immune system and if you have hypertension, may even help lower your blood pressure. Moreover, lymph drainage can assist with digestive issues by stimulating intestinal transit and resolving constipation issues when administered to the abdomen. Lymph drainage is used by athletes to improve their physical condition. Applying lymph drainage might help to strengthen joints and muscles. It prevents pain and cramps by reducing muscle exhaustion and relaxing the muscles. Strengthening connective tissues, releasing the tension, and reducing muscle spasms are all benefits of lymph drainage.

What’s Lymph Drainage?

The body’s immune and defense systems operate without interruption or sluggishness because of the lymph drainage system. At the same time, it guarantees that all of the body’s lymph fluid circulates in a healthy manner. Edema develops in our bodies as a result of the summer’s heat. You can bid goodbye to the payment in the body with lymph drainage.

Lymph, commonly known as white blood, is a colorless fluid that aids in the maintenance of the body’s fluid balance. This liquid cleanses the tissues of germs and alien cells. It enters the blood arteries through a unique network of canaliculi and vein channels. Blood flows more quickly than lymph fluid. In addition, the lymphatic drainage tubes’ pressure is lower than that of the blood vessels. Compared to capillary walls, the lymphatic tubes’ cell walls have a higher degree of permeability.

The lymphatic drainage channels have a unilateral orientation. This is because fluid can travel to the heart. For this, there are flaps as well. 3 mm from 3 cm when the lymph fluid travels in the direction of the heart. It passes through lymph nodes of various widths before getting to the heart. The glands that are part of the body’s lymphatic drainage system are built like sponges. It can and must filter the liquid that flows past it in this way.

Are You A Good Fit For Lymph Drainage?

Almost everyone can have lymph drainage application, barring serious cases in the overall health picture. Applicants that are especially appropriate for lymphatic draining include;

  • Wanting more energy and vigor, wanting to better one’s current state of health
  • Being continually bloated due to edema in the body brought on by circulation issues,
  • Being constantly worn out and tired as a result of toxins building up in the body
  • Having a problem with cellulite as a result of toxins and edema building up in the subcutaneous tissue,
  • playing extreme sports can cause joint and muscular tiredness and pain.
  • Having digestive and constipation issues, as well as the need to move by boosting abdominal circulation,
  • Individuals who wish to unwind yet have tired legs, rheumatism, or both
  • Having a lot on my mind and needing to unwind,

Lymph drainage is a viable option for people of all ages who want to lessen the discomfort and anguish brought on by lymphedema.

What’s The Aim Of Lymph Drainage?

A lymph drainage machine is used for an application called lymphatic drainage massage. The purpose of this device is to quicken the body’s natural process of circulating the colorless fluid that nourishes cells. As a result, it improves and tightens the appearance of the places where fat cells have been removed. Also, it has a highly advantageous impact on the muscular system. Because of the machine, every movement of a bodily system pushes lymphatic flow through the vessels, which has an impact on the region where the smooth muscles are located. In other words, lymph drainage aids in the easy burning of fatty acids in the blood through free circulation.

Those who complain about their extra weight, edema during specific times of the month, such as the menstrual cycle, and cellulite can put an end to these issues with lymph drainage application. Pressure is applied to the device at regular intervals, beginning at the fingertips and working its way up. This results in a visible improvement in skin quality, skin thinning, and skin tightness.

How Long Does Lymph Drainage Take?

Lymph drainage can be carried out in two different methods and is a very soothing and comfortable technique. Manual lymph drainage massage is one of them, and lymph drainage device massage is the other. The sort of massage practiced in the past was manual lymphatic drainage. All of the body’s lymph nodes are stimulated by a massage using a lymph drainage device. The applicant is dressed so that his or her entire body is hidden by their pants, arms, or belt before submitting their application. The gadget is turned on once a patient lies down in one of the tranquil treatment rooms. 

By gently and rhythmically stimulating the lymph system, it has an impact on every area of the body. Pressure is created during the session for the toxin, fat, and edema to meet the circulatory system by inflating the required areas of the specific garment worn before the session. As a result, the lymphatic system naturally removes toxins from the body while the venous flow is enhanced. Lymph drainage massages, which are widely used to treat cellulite, last 20 to 30 minutes each.

How Does Lymph Drainage Work?

Lymph drainage is a crucial component of the immune system and is intended to cleanse and fortify the body from toxins and accumulated edema. When it functions properly, the body produces more immune cells, eliminates viruses and edema, and when it malfunctions, the person may feel fatigued, bloated, and ill. The massage that ensures the maximum functioning of this system is called lymphatic drainage massage, in other words, Pressotherapy. The lymph drainage massage is able to, on the one hand, initiate the healing process from the inside out and, on the other, protect the young to the fullest extent. The lymphatic drainage massage helps to speed up circulation, which relieves fatigued legs and makes the recipient feel much more lively and energized.

Does Lymph Drainage Make You Lose Weight?

The person gains energy and fitness as a result of the lymph drainage massage, or Pressotherapy, on the one hand, and begins to lose weight if he supplements this with exercise on the other. Also, by removing the toxins, circulation issues, and edema that contribute to cellulite from the body, the look of cellulite is improved. The suppleness of the skin improves and the body’s regeneration process begins with an increase in collagen levels.

How Often Should You Get Lymph Drainage?

Although the number of lymph drainage massage sessions required to support overall body health, eliminate toxins and edema and strengthen the immune system by increasing circulation varies depending on the individual, we advise a minimum of 8-10 sessions, each lasting 20–25 minutes, for a successful outcome. Again, it’s crucial to use it consistently and space out sessions by 2-3 days for a more effective result.

Benefits Of Lymph Drainage

Many advantages of lymph drainage massage include improved energy levels and normal digestive function. Among these advantages are;

  • The immune system is stimulated, which strengthens the body’s defenses.
  • The body’s pain, particularly in the leg region, is reduced with the improvement in circulation.
  • Likewise, the appearance of cellulite is enhanced by the improvement in circulation and the removal of toxins and edema from the body, the cosmetic issue caused by all of these.
  • The abdominal region is stimulated and the issue of constipation is resolved as a result of the lymph drainage massage.
  • Joints and muscles are strengthened, physical energy increases and vitality is offered, especially for athletes who engage in strenuous sports.
  • The massage has the effect of calming and resting the muscles and relieving muscle spasms.
  • It eases the tension and stress that has built up in the body. As a result, another problem that indirectly harms the immune system is removed.
  • Regular lymph drainage massage regulates both the individual and blood pressure. Heart health is kept intact.
  • The person feels significantly lighter and fitter once the edema that had built up in their body is removed.
  • The body is able to rest prior to menstruation because of both the relaxing and edema-elimination effects.
  • Smoothing of the skin’s surface and improvement in skin tone is made possible by an increase in collagen production and the body’s self-renewal mechanism.
  • It gives the body a detoxifying impact.

After plastic surgery, lymph drainage massage helps the healing process go more quickly.

When Will Lymph Drainage Results Be Visible?

The initial beneficial results start to show as soon as the lymph drainage session is over since the edema starts to go away. The medical and psychological advantages become increasingly apparent as the number of sessions rises, from edema elimination and immune system deterioration to increased vigor, as well as stress reduction, relaxation, and psychological recuperation.

Possible Risks And Side Effects Of Lymph Drainage

Though it seldom occurs, lymph drainage, a highly comfortable process that offers a sense of relief as opposed to the sensation of pain or suffering, has no adverse effects and is not advised to be used.

The lymph drainage application may hurt if there is an infection in any wounds near the location where it will be applied. Lymph drainage therapy is not advised, just as pressure therapy is not advised for those who have pacemakers or persistent heart problems.

Similar to other therapies, severe pressure is not advised for pregnant women. Using lymph drainage therapy for these women after delivery would be significantly more accurate.

It is not advised for athletes to engage in physical activity right before or right after lymph drainage therapy. Lymph outflow becomes significantly more beneficial over time.

Lymph Drainage Prices In Turkey

The skilled estheticians at Quartz Clinic perform lymph drainage. The Ministry of Health-approved facilities are not permitted to publish prices on news articles or websites. The cost of lymph drainage also varies depending on the location, the patient’s needs, the number of sessions, and the clinic’s level of expertise. Contact us at 0212 241 46 24 to make an appointment and receive more information if you’re one of our patients who wants to boost their immune system, obtain a more toned body, and get rid of toxins and edema.