Lip Lift

Lip lift is a procedure performed on individuals who are dissatisfied with the thinness of their upper lip and have excessive distance between the upper lip and the nose. This procedure aims to make the upper lip more defined and prominent while also creating a more harmonious appearance between the disproportionate nose and lip line with the overall face.

Who is a Candidate for Lip Lift?

Lip lift is suitable for individuals who are content with the appearance of their lower lip but wish to enhance and shape their upper lip. Additionally, specific candidates for the lip lift procedure are:

  • Those with a naturally long distance between the upper lip and nose, which tends to increase as they age.
  • Individuals with thin lips, leading to an unimpressive facial expression and an aesthetic smile.
  • Those who are tired of frequent lip fillers and seek a permanent solution.
  • People desiring voluminous and full lips, aiming to achieve a larger appearance of the upper lip.
  • Those who wish for a more pronounced upper lip border and a cupid’s bow shape.
  • Individuals who are 18 years or older, have completed their physical and mental development, and have an overall suitable health condition are the most appropriate candidates for the lip lift procedure.

Why is Lip Lift Performed?

Lip lift offers the following benefits:

  • Enhances the shape and definition of the upper lip border.
  • Shortens the disproportionate distance between the upper lip and nose.
  • Lifts the upper lip slightly upward, making it appear fuller and more voluminous by pulling the pink-colored vermillion line upward.
  • Achieves more balanced facial features by proportionally aligning the vertical length of the upper lip with the distance between the lower lip and chin.
  • Creates a more aesthetic smile by lifting the corners of the lips upward and outward when smiling.
  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles on and around the lips.
  • Removes the tired expression from the face, giving a younger, livelier, and more feminine look.
  • Eliminates the need for lip fillers, as the lip lift provides a permanent solution to adding volume to the lips.

How is Lip Lift Performed?

Before the lip lift procedure, the patient undergoes a detailed examination to determine the necessary changes during the procedure. The current thinness of the upper lip and the length of the distance between the upper lip and nose are essential factors in determining these changes. After finalizing the decision for each patient, a small incision is made under the nose, and excess skin tissue is removed to ensure the aesthetic visibility of the upper teeth. Then, the peak points of the upper lip are reshaped and enhanced for a more prominent appearance. After shortening the distance between the nose and upper lip to the desired extent, the incisions made at the base of the nose are stitched to complete the lip lift procedure.

How Long Do the Effects of Lip Lift Last?

The lip lift procedure is completed within an average of 30-60 minutes, and the final lip appearance achieved after the procedure becomes permanent once mild side effects have subsided. As a result, individuals who prefer a permanent and prominent upper lip appearance over repeated lip filler procedures often opt for the lip lift, which involves a short procedure and recovery period.

What is the Recovery Process Like After Lip Lift?

The lip lift procedure is relatively quick and associated with temporary, mild side effects. It is normal to experience slight swelling in the treated upper lip area after the procedure. Depending on the individual’s sensitivity, this swelling typically subsides within about a week.

Regular application of ice compress during the first week after the lip lift procedure helps minimize the swelling and soothe the lips.

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the lips to achieve their final appearance.

When Do the Results of Lip Lift Become Apparent?

The results of the lip lift, providing a more pronounced and aesthetic appearance to the upper lip, start to become noticeable after the surgery. Immediately after the procedure, the upper lip appears uplifted and fuller. However, the lips are not yet at their final appearance due to the presence of mild swelling resulting from the procedure. Within the first week, regular application of ice compress helps reduce the swelling significantly, allowing the lip shape to take form. Complete disappearance of the remaining minimal swelling, and achieving the final appearance of the lips typically takes around 4-6 weeks.

Does Lip Lift Leave Scars?

The presence of scars after the lip lift procedure depends on the technique used during the lip lifting process. In some cases, a small red mark may be present above the vermillion section of the upper lip, along the lip edges, or at the base of the nose where the incisions were made. During the early healing period, this mark might appear more prominent and reddish, but over time, it fades and becomes closer to the individual’s skin tone. The color of the scar formation can also be influenced by the patient’s skin tone. Light-skinned individuals may have nearly imperceptible scars, while darker-skinned or more olive-skinned individuals may require more time for the reddish scar color to fade.

What is the Difference Between Lip Lift and Lip Filler?

Both lip lift and lip filler procedures are intended to provide individuals with more prominent and fuller lips, but there are some differences between the two:

  • Lip lift has permanent effects and is typically performed once to achieve the desired appearance. Lip filler, on the other hand, lasts for an average of 12-18 months before being gradually absorbed by the body, necessitating regular reapplication to maintain the desired volume and shape of the lips.
  • Lip lift involves making a small incision to remove excess skin and narrow the distance between the upper lip and nose, resulting in an uplifted appearance. Lip filler, on the other hand, involves injecting a filler material to reshape and provide the desired appearance of the lips without the need for incisions or sutures.
  • While both procedures can help achieve a more balanced appearance of the upper lip and nose, lip fillers partially achieve this through the added volume of the injected filler material, whereas lip lift aims to permanently establish this balance.

Lip Lift Price

The lip lift procedure is frequently performed by experts at Quartz Clinic. It is forbidden to disclose prices on news and internet websites by centers approved by the Ministry of Health. Additionally, the cost of the lip lift procedure may vary depending on the surgeon’s experience and the clinic’s quality. Therefore, individuals who are dissatisfied with the thin appearance of their upper lip and wish to have prominent and fuller lips can contact Quartz Clinic at 0212 241 46 24 for appointments and information.