Deep Lift İp Askı

Deep thread lift is a non-surgical medical aesthetic procedure that improves the appearance of sagging, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles, particularly in the facial area, due to aging and gravity over time, without the need for surgical intervention.

Deep lift is the first and only thread with a mesh scaffold structure technology in the world. Deep lift enables effective tissue adherence, collagen formation, maximum durability, and tissue regeneration, allowing sagging and wrinkles on the skin to be improved. What sets it apart from other threads used in the treatment of these skin issues is its high adherence power, innovative advanced facial rejuvenation, rapid lifting effect, and long-lasting durability. It also triggers vertical adherence between the tissues in the implanted areas, minimizing the difference between lifted and non-lifted tissues.

Deep lift is especially preferred for addressing sagging and wrinkles in the facial region. With this procedure, the cheeks, chin, eyebrows, neck, and jawline can be lifted upwards. Similarly, it can be used to reshape the area around the eyes and lift drooping eyebrows.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in a clinical setting without requiring general anesthesia. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes, and afterwards, individuals can quickly return to their daily lives. Due to its minimal recovery time, painless nature, and lack of surgical intervention, it is a frequently chosen procedure for individuals with sagging and wrinkles.

Deep thread lift tightens sagging and wrinkles on the skin through two methods. The lifting effect is achieved by pulling the threads upwards, while the threads placed trigger collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. This collagen production results in a more vibrant and youthful appearance of the skin.

How is Deep Thread Lift Applied? How Does it Work?

Before the deep thread lift procedure, the condition of the patient’s skin should be thoroughly analyzed by a specialist physician. The amount of sagging, looseness, and loss of elasticity in the person’s skin type and skin should be determined, and if the person is suitable for the procedure, a preparation process begins. The threads to be used in this procedure and the areas where the threads are necessary are determined by the physician, and the procedure is limited to those areas.

The procedure continues with the careful cleansing and preparation of the determined areas. This step is important to prevent infections that may occur after the procedure. Local anesthesia is applied to the cleansed areas with the help of an anesthetic cream to induce numbness. The anesthesia ensures that the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure, providing a comfortable experience.

After the cleaning and numbing stages, the application of the threads begins, and the threads are placed in the deeper layers of the skin through small openings in the predetermined areas. The skin is tightened by stretching the threads towards the targeted areas to create a lifting effect. Once the desired tension is achieved, the procedure is completed by cutting the threads. The small incisions made to place the threads are so tiny that they do not require stitches, eliminating the possibility of visible scars.

Who Can Benefit from Deep Thread Lift?

Deep thread lift can be chosen by individuals who have sagging and wrinkles in their face to a suitable extent for the procedure. These issues start to appear with aging, especially in individuals aged 30 and above, causing psychological discomfort.

It can be performed on both women and men, but the application is planned and executed considering different approaches for each gender.

Which Areas Can Deep Thread Lift Be Applied to?

Before the deep thread lift procedure, a detailed analysis of the skin is conducted to determine the areas where the procedure will be performed, taking into account the person’s desires and needs. The deep thread lift method can be applied to the following areas:

The facial region is where sagging and looseness are most commonly observed and most bothersome for individuals. It is effective in sagging that occurs in the cheekbones, chin, eyebrows, and cheeks.

The neck and chin area undergo changes over time due to sagging, gravity, and weight fluctuations. It can address sagging and looseness in these areas.

It is effective in shaping the jawline and lifting sagging around the mouth.

The deep lift thread lift can be easily applied to address all of these issues.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Deep Thread Lift


  • Deep thread lift is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia and allows the patient to return to their daily life on the same day.
  • It is a medical procedure with minimal side effects and a high satisfaction rate.
  • The threads used stimulate vertical adherence, resulting in an upward lifting effect.
  • In cases where the patient is not satisfied with a particular point, additional threads can be used for corrections.
  • The threads trigger collagen production, leading to skin rejuvenation and tightening.
  • The small incisions made for thread placement do not require stitches, eliminating the possibility of visible scars.
  • It is more cost-effective compared to surgical procedures.


  • Deep thread lift is a preferred procedure for addressing sagging and wrinkles, but it may not be able to address advanced levels of sagging.
  • The effect of the procedure lasts approximately 3-5 years and diminishes over time. As it is not a permanent procedure, sagging and looseness may reoccur, and the procedure may need to be repeated as desired.
  • The skin texture and the degree of deformations need to be suitable for the procedure to be performed.

Post-Procedure Care for Deep Thread Lift

Deep thread lift is one of the procedures that allows individuals to quickly return to their daily lives, but there are certain considerations to ensure the desired outcome after the procedure.

These can be listed as follows:

  • The treated area should be protected against impacts.
  • The use of blood-thinning medications or foods should be discontinued for a certain period before and after the procedure.
  • Individuals with sensitive skin may experience pain and sensitivity after the procedure. In such cases, pain relievers recommended by the doctor can alleviate discomfort.
  • Cold compresses are recommended for redness, swelling, and bruising that may occur, especially in individuals with sensitive skin.
  • During the 3-week period following the deep thread lift procedure, no pressure should be applied to the treated area, such as massages.
  • To prevent increased swelling, hot environments such as baths and saunas should be avoided, and hot showers should not be taken.
  • The skin should always be protected from the harmful rays of the sun, and particularly during this sensitive post-procedure period, sunscreen should be used diligently to avoid direct exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

How Long Does the Effect of Deep Thread Lift Last?

Special threads designed specifically for this procedure are used in deep thread lift. These threads are fully compatible with the human body and do not cause any infections during their presence in the body. The effects of the threads vary from person to person and typically last between 3-5 years. During this time, the effects gradually diminish, and the skin returns to its previous state. When the effects diminish or cease, the procedure can be repeated.

Deep Thread Lift Prices

The prices of deep thread lift can vary depending on various factors. One of the most important factors affecting the price is the quality and quantity of the threads used. Additionally, the experience of the doctor, the equipment of the clinic where the procedure is performed, and the satisfaction of individuals who have previously undergone the procedure are other factors that affect the price. Providing price information for aesthetic and healthcare procedures on websites is not legal according to the Ministry of Health. To obtain accurate pricing information, it is necessary to visit the clinic where the aesthetic procedure will be performed and have a consultation with the doctor. Based on this consultation, the procedures to be performed on the individual can be determined, and the most accurate price information can be provided.

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