Cosmelan and Dermamelan Treatment is an enzymatic peeling to remove skin blemishes. Administered by a professional, this exceptional mask helps to eradicate blemishes that develop over time for a variety of reasons, resulting in a brighter and more evenly coloured skin. 

Cosmelan and Dermamelan

It is an enzyme peel that reduces the amount of melanin in the skin, thus suppressing the formation of spots.  It is an enzyme peel that reduces the amount of melanin in the skin, suppressing the formation of spots.This treatment is particularly effective for melasma and sun spots. Cosmelan and Dermamelan are among the most effective spot treatments available as they suppress melanin production at an enzymatic level, preventing the formation of spots. It is an enzymatic peel that reduces the amount of melanin in the skin, thus suppressing the formation of spots. Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments improve skin pigmentation through a peeling process similar to chemical peels. The enzymatic suppression is maintained during the treatment period with the recommended home care creams, helping to normalise melanin production and prevent further pigmentation.

However, it can cause redness, peeling and oedema in more sensitive skin types. With Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments, you can achieve rejuvenated skin that is brighter and more refreshed, while also correcting blemishes and scars, tightening pores and improving oil balance.

What’s Cosmelan & Dermamelan?

Cosmelan and Dermamelan are both well-known enzyme peeling therapies that target age spots. Dermamelan has a mild exfoliating and melanin-degrading effect thanks to its unique blend of exfoliating and inhibiting enzymes. This therapy aims to reduce melanin levels in the skin, ultimately preventing the formation of unsightly blemishes. The Dermamelan process involves the application of a mask, a follow-up cream and a moisturiser.

Cosmelan, on the other hand, is another popular enzyme peel that focuses specifically on reducing and eliminating dark brown spots on the skin. This treatment uses a combination of ingredients such as phytic acid, azelaic acid, kojic acid and vitamin C to exfoliate the skin, effectively removing the melanin pigment responsible for these discolorations from the patient’s skin surface.

What Does Cosmelan & Dermamelan Contain?


In the field of enzymatic tyrosinase-based peels, both Cosmelan and Dermamelan shine. Cosmelan, a renowned procedure, focuses on reducing and eliminating dark brown spots on the skin using ingredients such as phytic acid, azelaic acid, kojic acid and vitamin C. This effective treatment exfoliates the skin, effectively reducing the melanin pigment responsible for these discolorations.

On the other hand, Dermamelan also harnesses the power of enzymatic peels containing tyrosinase. With its unique blend of enzymes, Dermamelan inhibits the skin and reduces the melasma enzyme within, resulting in a reduction in the appearance of spots. The Dermamelan procedure is a comprehensive approach to age spots that includes a mask, follow-up cream and moisturiser for optimal results.

Are You A Good Fit For Cosmelan & Dermamelan Treatment?

Both Cosmelan and Dermamelan offer effective spot therapy for individuals without underlying medical conditions or injuries that might hinder the treatment. Cosmelan, following a skin analysis, is administered to suitable candidates, including those facing issues such as age or sun-induced spots, spots resulting from accidents or traumas, and individuals experiencing spot problems due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation, as well as those with skin imperfections caused by acne, pimples, and blackheads.

Dermamelan, on the other hand, is particularly beneficial for individuals with sunspots, intense age-related spots, especially on the face and upper hands, as well as those with skin blemishes resulting from accidents or injuries. However, it’s worth noting that Dermamelan may not be the ideal choice for individuals seeking treatment for pregnancy-related complications caused by lingering acne spots, as this therapy primarily addresses concerns related to sun damage, aging, melasma, and acne scars, rather than focusing on achieving overall glowing skin.

How does the Cosmelan & Dermamelan treatment work?

Dermamelan and Cosmelan are both effective treatments for a variety of skin problems. Before either treatment, the skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove debris, make-up residue and oil.

In the case of Dermamelan, a mask is applied precisely to the area with the most blemishes, ensuring even coverage of the entire face. The length of time the mask remains on the skin varies depending on factors such as the width, colour, depth and skin texture of the blemish. An experienced clinician will determine the optimal duration during a thorough examination and communicate this to the patient. Once the mask has been applied, the patient can go home and remove it with warm water after the time specified by the doctor. Follow-up creams are then applied at the intervals prescribed by the doctor.

Cosmelan, on the other hand, is a two-step procedure. The procedure doesn’t require anaesthesia as it is generally painless and comfortable. First, the skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove impurities and oil. The Cosmelan mask is then applied to the entire face, excluding the eye and lip areas. The mask is left on the skin for approximately 8 to 12 hours, with the exact duration depending on the patient’s skin type and specific skin problems. The patient does not need to remain in the clinic during this time. At the end of the prescribed time, the mask is removed by washing the face according to the doctor’s instructions.

Possible risks and side effects of Cosmelan & Dermamelan

Both Cosmelan and Dermamelan offer effective spot treatment, but it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and side effects associated with these treatments.


While Cosmelan spot therapy is generally considered safe when performed by specialists and experienced physicians, there are risks when performed by untrained individuals or inappropriately. Application of this mask, which contains active acids, by untrained hands can result in permanent stains and irreversible skin burns. Excessive use or leaving the mask on the face for too long can also cause adverse effects. It is essential that only professionals perform this procedure to ensure the desired results are achieved safely.


Dermamelan is known for its minimal risks and virtually painless procedure. Common post-treatment side effects, such as temporary redness of the skin surface, usually resolve quickly. Some people with very sensitive skin may experience mild swelling. In addition, a key stage of the treatment involves the peeling of the top layer of skin, which promotes skin regeneration.

In summary, while both Cosmelan and Dermamelan are effective treatments, it’s important to ensure that they are carried out by trained professionals to minimise the potential risks and side effects associated with these procedures.

Benefits of Cosmelan & Dermamelan treatment


The Cosmelan treatment offers several benefits and patients typically see results within a month. Suitable for all skin types except those with extremely sensitive skin, it effectively lightens and enhances skin colour while correcting facial imperfections. Not only does the procedure promote a firmer and more youthful appearance, it does so in a painless manner with no significant risks or serious side effects. Cosmelan is a versatile treatment suitable for both men and women in all four seasons.


Dermamelan therapy is equally versatile and benefits virtually all skin types, with the exception of those with rosacea and hypersensitive skin. This treatment works from the inside out to renew and revive the skin, resulting in a more youthful, vibrant and flawless appearance. Dermamelan addresses skin tone and colour inconsistencies, often resulting in a visible improvement in the appearance of blemishes in a short period of time. In addition to rejuvenating and refreshing the skin, Dermamelan can also contribute to a tighter and firmer appearance.

In summary, both Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments offer a range of benefits including improved skin tone, colour and texture, with each treatment tailored to different skin types and conditions. These procedures are suitable for individuals seeking a brighter, more youthful complexion with minimal discomfort and risk.

When’s the right time for Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments?


The Cosmelan spot treatment is known for its simplicity and painlessness. Unlike needle-based treatments, Cosmelan leaves no scars, no dressings and no lengthy healing process. This makes it suitable for all skin types and convenient to use all year round, in all four seasons.


The optimal time for the Dermamelan procedure is during the winter months. This choice is made to provide better protection against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays and the potential for discolouration. Dermamelan uses peeling substances and skin sensitivity may occur during the peeling process. Therefore, undergoing Dermamelan in winter helps to minimise sun exposure and reduce the risk of adverse effects.

In summary, the right time for Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments may vary depending on individual preferences and skin conditions. Cosmelan offers year-round versatility, while Dermamelan is often recommended during the winter months to alleviate sun-related concerns.

Cosmelan & Dermamelan Prices in Turkey

Cosmelan and Dermamelan is one of the most popular treatments at Quartz Clinique, offering an effective spot treatment. However, it’s important to note that facilities approved by the Ministry of Health in Turkey are not allowed to publish specific prices for these procedures on their websites. The cost of applying Cosmelan and Dermamelan can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the individual needs of the patient’s skin, the recommended number of sessions, the level of experience of the practitioner and the reputation of the clinic.

To obtain detailed pricing information for both Cosmelan and Dermamelan, interested patients are encouraged to make an appointment and contact the Quartz Clinique directly on 0212 241 46 24. This approach will allow individuals to receive personalised information about the costs and benefits of these treatments. 

By contacting Quartz Clinique, patients can access the information they need and take the first step towards achieving their desired skin rejuvenation goals with Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments.