Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction reshapes the jowl region using the adipose tissue removed from the double chin. The face and neck are clearly separated from one another. In terms of facial aesthetics, double chin liposuction is therefore a very successful surgery. People who have undergone double chin surgery believe they are younger and leaner. It can be the correct moment for double chin liposuction if you feel that the fat that has developed in the jowl area makes you seem older and heavier.

Women and men who have double chin fat may benefit from chin liposuction as a cosmetic technique. The face seems rounder, older, and heavier because of the obvious double chin. The double chin’s chin fat buildup gives the appearance of the entire face and neck. These folks have shorter necks and larger-looking features as a result.

What Is Chin Liposuction?

Even if you do not have a weight problem, you can be having double chin issues. Unfortunately, our genetic makeup does not change. The way we breathe and move our jaw and mouth has an impact on how the jowl looks.

Even while some activities are recommended to decrease belly fat and prevent a chubby look, if you struggle with the same issue, you may have discovered that exercise or face yoga is not the answer. A surgical and minimally invasive method for fat reduction is chin liposuction.

What Causes Double Chin?

The area between the neck and the chin on the section that extends from the bottom of the chin to the neck is known as the double chin. Jowl sagging may develop over time as a result of several factors. Double chin liposuction is the procedure used to eliminate the look brought on by this drooping.

The jowl reduction procedure is carried out because people’s aesthetic issues and lack of confidence are caused by the fat in the jowl area. There are several causes for the jowl lubrication that leads to this scenario. The anatomical makeup of the patient’s neck, including its length and width, might alter the jowl’s form and the nature of its lubrication. Deformities in the jowl region can also result from weight gain and an increase in body fat. Human skin cells also lose their flexibility and capacity for regeneration as we age. Unfortunately, those who do not maintain a healthy lifestyle and a portion of inadequate and imbalanced food are more likely to prematurely age their skin. Skin issues and sagging, like any illnesses, may develop early in those who do not get enough water and do not consume foods rich in antioxidants and protein.

Who Can Get Double Chin Surgery?

A weak jawline can feminize the face since in men, a firm jawline is a universal sign of masculinity. For women, a weak jaw can provide the image of a seductive neck and an undefined facial aesthetic. Due to them, anyone who struggles with a double chin could be the greatest option.

All men and women in their twenties who want to reduce their double chins can undergo this procedure. Young patients who have a history of weight gain and loss frequently wish to correct the jowl deformity that results from this. They may favor jowl aesthetics as a result. They may choose a jowl removal procedure as they age due to the body’s decreased collagen synthesis, which would allow them to retain their youthful appearance. 

Additionally, some people submit neck lift applications. As a consequence, starting in their 20s, it may be used by anybody who wants to undergo jowl removal surgery, whether it’s due to weight loss or a desire to restore the skin’s youthful appearance. The fundamental tenet is that the patient’s health must be sufficient for the procedure.

How Does Chin Liposuction Work?

As medical advancements continue to evolve, double chin liposuction has established itself as one of the procedures with a high percentage of success. For those who desire to get chin surgery, there are a variety of options. Deciding which chin surgery procedure to choose is a crucial step. First, the person’s health, physical make-up, and unique requirements are assessed in this respect.

Before doing double chin liposuction, our doctor does a physical assessment of the patient. Selecting a qualified physician, like Dr. Leyla Arvas, with double chin liposuction experience is crucial at this point. During the physical examination, the doctor finds the excess in the jowl. Using a pen, the desired area is traced. The individual is then brought into action.

Methods For Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction is a kind of aesthetic that is usually performed to eliminate fat from the jowl region. The patient’s jowl region receives liposuction to remove extra fat that has built up there. Layering and wrinkle issues are avoided by reducing extra fat tissue from the body. As a result, the neck region appears healthier and more proportionate. In this technique, local anesthetic is used during the process to make the patient unconscious and pain-free. As a general rule, the use of general anesthesia is not typically required.

The surgery is preceded by a local anesthetic. Cannulas are then implanted through a tiny incision made beneath the chin in the jowl region. To remove fat, the practitioner uses liposuction cannulas with narrow tips. Cannulas are used to vacuum the region, and extra fat is removed. The incision is closed once all of the fat beneath the patient’s chin has been eliminated. The surgery is done in this manner.

Depending on the patient’s neck region volume, the health of the jowls, and the fat ratio, the length of the jowl liposuction procedure might range from 45 to 50 minutes. The patient often does not need to stay in the hospital following the jowl liposuction treatment. On the same day, patients might receive their release and resume their normal lives at home.

When Can You Go Back To Work After Chin Liposuction?

The patient is given a customized bandage from the skull to the chin following double chin liposuction. The patient should be put on this head corset for seven days. In the first two days following surgery, there may be some little soreness. However, our doctor’s prescribed medicines make this process bearable.

The day following double chin liposuction, the patient can resume their regular routine. After the procedure, there will be edema and bruising that require about a week to heal. After a regulated manner, the patient can return to work in 3–4 days.

After double chin liposuction, scarring is quite unlikely. Scars fade with time. The patient is not sutured if the double chin liposuction procedure just removes the patient’s fat. Because of this, there are no such things as scars.

Chin Liposuction Recovery Process

Recovery after jowl liposuction is quite quick and pleasant. Mild swelling, bruising, and little discomfort at the treatment site are typical post-procedure outcomes. To lessen symptoms, you can wear the compression band that will be wrapped around your chin as you leave the surgery for at least one week.

For a period, you might not be able to feel your chin or lips. Numbness is a typical side effect of jowl liposuction. This feeling will revert to how it was as time goes on. Your face will first become appealing, and you’ll be pleased with the changes you’ve made to your look.

After the surgery, you will receive comprehensive instructions on how to take care of your treated region. You will be able to clearly notice the benefits of the operation a week or two after the edema has entirely subsided. The effects of liposuction are long-lasting as long as you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

The jowl region and the rest of your body may be affected if your weight changes following the operation. Jowl liposuction can be coupled with other anti-aging procedures to help you keep your good results over time.

How To Reduce Sagging After Chin Liposuction?

Many people are concerned about whether there would be jowl drooping after undergoing double chin liposuction. Depending on the patient’s genetic makeup, food, and lifestyle, sagging may occasionally return after double chin liposuction.

The person should eat healthily, try not to gain weight, keep their shape by participating in regular sports, and exercise regularly to avoid this problem. By performing jaw exercises and face yoga, it enables the person to simply retain the existing shape.

Chin Liposuction Prices In Turkey

Chin liposuction prices vary for each patient. For instance, combination operations can be performed on certain individuals, whereas solely double chin liposuction is performed on others. To give correct information, the nature and procedure of the surgery must be clear.

The patient must first be assessed before the cost of double chin liposuction can be determined. After the examination, what should be done is selected, and if the procedure is chosen, definite pricing may be stated. So, if you’re interested in finding out how much double chin liposuction in Istanbul will cost, get in touch with us. Because of this, it must be studied.

You should visit our doctor for an examination in order to learn more specifically about double chin liposuction and to learn which approach is best for you. At the conclusion of the exam, you may learn your price information in the most precise manner. It is unlawful for facilities that have received Ministry of Health accreditation to list pricing on their website. Therefore, to contact us and learn more about Double Chin Liposuction Prices in Istanbul, Turkey, please call 0212 241 46 24.