With age, the position and contour of the brow change. Genetics, gravity, skin elasticity loss, fat deflation, and muscle activity around the brow all have an impact on eyebrow position and contour.

A brow lift can help reverse gravity’s effects and tighten soft tissues to restore a more youthful contour to your upper eyelids and brows. Brow lifting is done for more than just aesthetic reasons. In many cases, brow drooping can actually impair vision, and appropriate brow lifting can significantly improve the lateral visual field.

A brow lift is now performed with techniques that can be applied in a very short time, without leaving any scars and without causing a loss of sensation in the area, thanks to technological advancements. A brow lift is performed without an incision, eliminating the risks and complications associated with surgical procedures.

Brows are one of the factors that most influence people’s facial expressions, and they can make people appear tired. As a result, the brow lift is used to solve this problem, which is common in the middle-aged population. As a person ages, mobility in the forehead area occurs, causing brow drooping and eyelid issues.

The lines that appear between the person’s brows create a rough-looking facial expression that makes the person appear nervous. This issue is particularly prevalent in today’s middle-aged population. The brows, eyes, and forehead are all close together and can all wear out at the same time. As a result, a brow lift is frequently combined with upper eyelid or forehead aesthetics.

Brow Lift
Bella Hadid Brow Lift

What’s A Brow Lift?

A brow lift can be performed on its own or in conjunction with other facial operations like a facelift or eyelid surgery. Additionally, forehead creases and lines, such as frown lines or deep furrows between the brows, can be effectively reduced with brow lifts.

Cosmetic enhancement of the brows can be achieved through a brow lift procedure. The forehead, brow, and region surrounding the eyes all look better after a brow lift. The forehead’s skin and soft tissue are raised throughout the treatment. If your brows are uneven or low, you can decide to have a brow lift. Your self-confidence might also increase after a brow lift.

Why Should You Get A Brow Lift?

Due to mid-facial sagging, the orbital shape of the face becomes more circular as you age. The doctor might advise both a facelift and a brow lift if you have extensive nasolabial folds. Asymmetry frequently goes unnoticed by the patient. Nearly one-third of all patients have asymmetrical brows.

Although any brow can be raised, our surgeon will assess how much extra skin there is in the patient’s lateral canthus area. A brow lift may be required if there is substantial skin that hangs over the eyelids in the area of the crow’s feet since it is difficult to remove with eyelid surgery alone. This is one of the best signs that a brow lift is necessary, especially if the patient also has severely drooping upper eyelids. Depending on your condition, our surgeon will decide.

How Should An Ideal Brow Shape Be Like?

Every man and woman has a brow shape that complements their features and facial structure. But this is referred to as the ideal brow. Every type of face has a certain set of optimum brow forms. The brow, which is typically appropriate for the face; The outer one-third of the brow is slightly downward and the first two-thirds of the inner part are upward. It makes sense that the inner brow’s starting point is lower than its outer brow’s ending position.

If the face is round, the brows should be sharply angled; if it is oval, the brows should be slightly angled; if the face is long, the brows should be straight; and if the face is square or angular, the brows should be arc-shaped. Furthermore, the length of the brow is crucial. One common misconception is that a face will look better with a raised brow, however this is untrue because a raised brow does not look good on every face.

Is Brow Lift Suitable For Everyone?

There is no “one size fits all” approach to brow lifting, so the answer depends totally on your unique facial features and underlying bone structure. Old-fashioned concepts in brow lift surgery stressed that all brows need to be lifted, but this is not necessarily an improvement for some people.

Recent innovations include the endoscopic brow lift – a procedure that has decreased the patient downtime but increased the number of brow lifts performed with mixed results.

When Should You Get A Brow Lift?

The brows typically move downward as we age. After being stretched, skin and soft tissues lose their ability to snap back into place. This shortens the distance between the brows and the eyelashes.

Lowering your brows can make you appear tired, angry, or sad. A brow lift can raise the brows and give you a more youthful appearance. If you have a low or sagging brow that is contributing to sagging upper eyelids, you should consider a brow lift.

Your choice to get a forehead lift or brow lift is very personal, and our plastic surgeon is able to provide you with the best advice and direction depending on your desired cosmetic results

Candidates For Brow Lift

Surgeons typically divide the face into three primary regions when assessing a patient’s face for a rejuvenation or aesthetic improvement: the face/neck, eyes, and brow. Some people have extremely low-set brows. Others age naturally but do not have a noticeable brow ptosis. In order to achieve the following results, a brow lift is done:

  • to raise the patient’s brows,
  • to reshape or balance out asymmetrical brows

 If there is a decline in muscle performance in the glabellar region and the brow, to reduce the static creases on the forehead and eliminate hanging skin.

Patients who choose to have a brow lift frequently complain about drooping eyebrows. Their eyes often appear heavy and worn out. When they are in front of the mirror, they frequently attempt to raise their lateral brow with their hands. Additionally, a lot of people have extra skin on their top eyelids. Many of them find it annoying that they appear agitated, furious, or exhausted when they are not. They also have a subliminal tendency to frown.

How Does Brow Lift Work?

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that can improve the appearance of wrinkles and drooping skin on the forehead and brow area. It is typically performed under local anesthesia. A suture is used to hang the patient’s brow in the desired position through a small hole opened from the front edge of the hairline.

After a certain amount of time, brows can return to their original location. To solve this problem, special spinners are used. Its persistence varies depending on how mimic movements are used. Brow lift durability can range between 6 and 12 months. The method can be repeated at the end of the period. Brow thread lift is a popular and widely used technique.

The duration of the brow thread lift process, which uses French threads, can range between 5 and 7 years.

Types Of Brow Lift Procedures

Depending on the situation, a brow lift can be performed surgically or using non-surgical methods. Both procedures have benefits and drawbacks. Surgical methods include eyebrow suspension, classical eyebrow lifting, and endoscopic eyebrow lifting; non-surgical methods include Botox and ultherapy.

Traditional Brow Lift

Temple lift surgery is another name for brow lift surgery. During the surgery, the person’s scalp is removed from the temple area and this area is stretched. The biggest problem with this surgery is that the long suture lines that are put into the scalp stretch out over time, leaving behind bald spots. Since the scalp may lose its elasticity over time, the classical eyebrow lift may not last as long as wanted.

Brow Lift With Botox

Botox is used to lift the eyebrows. First, the person’s eyebrows are shaped to fit their face. The eyebrow is moved to where it should be on the face, making it look better with the rest of the face. The goal is to make the person look softer, younger, and healthier. Expert plastic surgeons use the golden ratio to plan and carry out a brow lift operation with Botox.

The surgery is done in small amounts so that the eyebrow can still move naturally and so that the muscles don’t get too weak. Since it doesn’t involve surgery, the operation can be done in very little time—between 2 and 10 minutes. During the procedure, fine-tipped needles are used to inject botulinum toxin at predetermined points in a way that makes the eyebrows rise. A few days after getting Botox to lift your eyebrows, you can see the results more clearly. The most important benefit of the surgery is that it doesn’t leave a scar on the face. Even though it varies from person to person, it is recommended that Botox injections be done every 4-6 months, or about twice a year, on average, to keep the eyebrows in place. If you want to raise your eyebrows but are afraid of surgery, you can use botox to do it.

Brow Lift With Ultherapy

Ultherapy HIFU is the general name for a system that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to tighten and renew the skin as much as possible. Some of these devices are Ulthera, Ultra Skin, and Double. Most lasers and radiofrequency systems only work on the skin. They don’t affect the deep tissues under the skin or the facial structures. Because it only affects the skin and can only go 1-2 mm deep. As you can see, this means that the effects of such applications are only on the skin.

 With Ultherapy treatment, you can reach up to 4.5 mm deep into the skin without leaving any scars. Ultherapy is used to lift the eyebrows, and the process takes about 10 minutes on average. Even though the effects of ultherapy can be seen right away, it takes about 3 months for it to have the full effect that is wanted.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

There are a lot of different ways to do brow lift surgeries, but the most common and most popular way is to use small, thin cameras called endoscopes to do the surgery without making any cuts or leaving any marks. It is easy to use in the operating room of a hospital while under general or local anesthesia and sedation. Endoscopic brow lift surgeries can be done without causing any bleeding or leaving a scar. This is done by making several small holes in the inside of the scalp in different places. With this method, scars don’t form like they did with the old ones, and the healing time is much shorter and there is less swelling.

 After the surgery, taking painkillers is all that’s needed, and there’s no bad pain. Most stitches are taken out after 10 days. Since the scar from the surgery will stay in the scalp, scarring won’t be a problem. Compared to Botox, your eyebrows can stay in the right place for a lot longer, and you don’t have to keep doing the same thing over and over again like you do with Botox. In short, the results of an endoscopic eyebrow lift are much more permanent than the results of a non-surgical eyebrow lift.

Double Thread Brow Lift

In the brow thread lift, there is a chance that the brow will start to fall again after a while. Patients ask about this problem, which is caused by the fact that the brows move a lot and the way the threads are put in makes them come loose.

Doctors who have worked in the field for a long time use the double thread method to avoid this problem. This is how they are attached to the skull. With this method, the load on the threads is spread between the two threads, so the brows can be lifted even higher. By using two threads, the goal is to get the best results possible and stop the brows from dropping.

Benefits Of Having Brow Lift

Everyone should be able to look in the mirror and be happy with what they see. With this procedure, you can change where your eyebrows sit on your face in a small way. We can smooth out wrinkles and lift your brows by tightening the skin on your forehead. Besides these improvements, a brow lift can also give you the following:

  • The natural arch of your eyebrows is brought back
  • Less sagging of the upper eyelids
  • Lessening of the look of crow’s feet
  • Taking away extra skin from the face

Your age can be seen in the lines between your eyebrows. When you get this particular procedure, you can turn back time. The results can look very natural and make you fall in love with your appearance again.

Getting Brow Lift: What To Expect?

Since this procedure can get rid of wrinkles on your whole forehead, you can expect to feel a little tender and a little bit of pain after it is done. But each lift can be done in different ways, depending on what you want to achieve. In most cases, a brow lift is done in the following steps:

  • A dose of anesthesia is given
  • Coronal incisions or endoscopic incisions are made
  • The skin on the forehead is lifted to the right place
  • The cuts are closed with clips, or stitches

You should be able to see results in a few weeks after your procedure. When the swelling and bruises go away, your forehead will look tighter and younger. Your plastic surgeon will talk to you about what to do right after the surgery. Most of the time, you should stay away from intense physical activity for as long as your doctor tells you to.

Will Brow Lift Results Look Natural?

Don’t be afraid! In the past, brow lifts were done by cutting across the forehead. Now, there are other ways to do it. As an expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Leyla Arvas is the only person who can do brow lifts that are effective without being too obvious. He uses a camera about the size of a pencil to help shape and remove muscle and tissue beneath the skin. The scalp is lifted and tightened to make the forehead look smoother and less tense. A good brow lift makes the person look more alert and “awake.” People will notice something is different, but they might not know what it is. They might ask if you’ve changed how you do your hair.

Does Brow Lift Leave Scars?

An endoscopic brow lift takes less time to heal from and causes less pain than a surgical brow lift. Most of the time, the cuts are between half an inch and an inch long and are made along the hairline. They are closed with sutures, tape, or clips. You should be able to go back to work about two weeks after these are taken off. As you heal, it could take a few months before you can see the full results of your brow lift. Your brow lift can last 5–10 years if you take good care of it, like using sunscreen and living a healthy life.

Brow Lift Recovery Timeline

To lessen swelling and bruising following the treatment, your head may be gently bandaged throughout your brow lift recuperation. 

To drain any extra blood or fluid that can accumulate under the skin, a tiny tube might be present. Initially healing a wound might take 10 to 14 days. When necessary, sutures or clips will be taken out. After 10–14 days, you need to be prepared to resume your regular activities and employment.

Any bruises can be concealed using cosmetic products. The healing process will take many weeks, even though you will appear presentable to the public. This is because the swelling will continue to go down and the incision lines will continue to soften and diminish. You can need many months to fully recover.

It’s crucial to follow our doctor’s recommendations if you want your operation to go well. During the healing process, it’s crucial that the surgical incisions not be subjected to excessive strain, swelling, abrasion, or motion. You’ll receive detailed instructions from our doctor on how to take care of yourself.

Brow Lift Cost In Turkey

The cost of a brow thread lift may vary depending on the patient being treated, the doctor’s experience, the facility’s standards, and any additional procedures that may be used in conjunction with the process. The cost is set at the same level for each patient who will put in the same amount of labor, though.

You should visit our doctor for an examination in order to learn more about the brow thread lift and the procedure in detail. At the conclusion of the exam, you may learn your price information in the most precise manner. It is unlawful for facilities that have received Ministry of Health accreditation to list pricing on their website. To call our clinic and learn more about Brow Thread Lift Prices in Istanbul, Turkey, please dial 0212 241 46 24.