Breast Lift (Mastopexy) operation, can lift your sagging breasts up and give them a fit form. A breast that is too large or that tends to droop is unsightly. Because of gravity, age, or hereditary causes, breasts gradually lose their suppleness over time. In addition to these, other causes of drooping breasts include having birth, nursing, and constantly gaining and losing weight. Younger ladies exhibit it as well as older ones do. Breast lift surgery is the most efficient and long-lasting treatment for drooping breasts.

Ageing, gravity, losing weight or rigorous diet plans, pregnancy, and nursing are just a few of the causes that can cause breasts to lose their attractive appearance, tightness, and shape over time. Breast lift surgery involves raising the breast, contouring it (by eliminating extra tissue), and realigning the nipple and inframammary fold. This technique can occasionally be done with breast augmentation surgery. Fixing the droopy appearance results in a tighter, younger-looking appearance.

What’s Breast Lift?

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) is done if the patient’s breast volume is not an issue, but if the breast is drooping, it is done to restore the breast’s shape. The breasts are shaped, the nipple is shifted into the optimal position, and the dark-colored region surrounding the breasts is reduced during breast lift surgery. As a consequence, the patient gains a shape that is parallel to their breast.

Breast Lift Mastopexy

As a result of the following conditions, the patient has breast lift surgery:

  • Removing breast tissue
  • Sagging breast
  • Examining the patient’s nipple from below
  • The patient has two breasts, one of which is softer and more droopy than the other

Candidates For Breast Lift

The best candidates for this procedure are in good physical condition, resolute in their aspirations for their psychological well-being, and realistic. The majority of patients are often above the age of 30, however, it is also an option if drooping and heavy breast issues start earlier in life. It is often used on individuals whose breast size is acceptable but whose breasts appear drooping.

Results from breast lift surgery might vary; gravity, pregnancy, age, and weight fluctuations can all cause drooping to return. Because of this, using implants during breast lift procedures makes the outcome more durable.

Process Of Getting Breast Lift

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) is conducted under general anesthesia. If there is minor drooping of the patient’s breast, it is adequate to insert breast implants under the breast alone. However, if the patient’s breast is severely sagging, the skin is removed during breast reduction surgery, giving the breast an upright and attractive appearance.

In addition to all of these issues, some patients have insufficient mammary glands and excessive breast sagging. Such patients have breast lift surgery and breast implant support at the same time. Depending on the patient’s size and the desired model, breast implants can be modified. A further technique involves doing a breast lift while injecting fat into the patient’s breast. The patient’s own fat is utilized in breast lift surgery using fat injection, which is known as autologous fat transfer.

Sagging Level Of Breast

There are many categories of breast sagging. Breast sagging is generally defined as the head of the breast touching the bottom line of the breast or extending below it.

First-degree sagging, also known as slight sagging, occurs when the breast is at or close to the inframammary line. A half-moon-shaped piece of skin is removed from the skin above the breast ring in cases of mild sagging, and the breast ring is then moved slightly upward.

2nd Degree Sagging, also known as Moderate Sagging, occurs when the patient’s nipple is between 1 and 3 cm below the lower line of the breast. A significant amount of skin is removed from the area surrounding the ring at the tip of the breast in cases of moderate sagging. The ring is, however, shrink-sutured to the nipple ring with a smaller diameter. Around the patient’s nipple ring, there is a scar. 

Since several months ago, it seems as though the region around the nipple ring has shrunk. Within a year or two, this situation improves. If this outcome is not desired, the so-called vertical short scar method is used, which avoids shrinking the breast ring circumference. The patient’s breast ring is slid underneath the skin opening, creating a scar that is vertical and extends downward.

3rd Degree Sagging

The nipple of the patient is less than 3 cm below the under-breast line. In cases of severe sagging, a vertical breast lift procedure is carried out, leaving an inverted T-shaped scar. Another horizontal scar under the breast from this procedure is still visible. This procedure results in a full cone, round breast for the patient. The patient may have a lump beneath their breast, however, this condition usually goes away within one or two years.

Without the patient’s breast sagging, it is the drooping aspect of the breast with a shorter-than-normal space between the nipple ring and the under-breast line. In this situation, the patient either undergoes breast augmentation surgery with a tiny breast implant or has their nipple ring transferred to a higher place using the vertical short scar technique.

Advantages Of Getting Breast Lift

The breast’s look improves following breast lift surgery. A few weeks following the procedure, the patient’s breast develops an upright, rounded, and appealing look.

The patient’s self-confidence grows as the condition of her breasts improves, and she experiences a great deal of happiness and security in her everyday, professional, and social interactions.

Breasts look more youthful. Sagging breasts take on an upright aspect after breast lift surgery, with the nipple thrusting forward. The patient’s skin issues vanish. Skin irritation from sagging breasts will result in symptoms like skin redness or touch, which will go away following surgery.

Possible Risks And Side Effects Of Breast Lift

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) is not an easy procedure. When performed by a qualified physician, it is safe. No matter the procedure, problems or a patient’s response to anesthesia are always a risk. Following breast lift surgery, the patient seldom has bleeding or infection. The patient’s scars can get bigger as a result of this.

In this case, it’s crucial to minimize the risks by carefully according to your doctor’s pre- and postoperative instructions. Under your bra or bathing suit, you will still see visible, permanent scars from your breast lift operation. In certain situations, it may result in patients having unequal nipples or losing feeling in their nipples. You will learn more about each of these problems from your doctor.

How Much Skin Is Removed With Breast Lift Surgery?

The patient’s nipples are moved to the predetermined location during breast lift surgery. The breast tissue is shaped for the patient. If the patient has larger breasts, extra tissue is removed; however, if the patient has smaller breasts, a breast implant is put in. If necessary, the extra skin around the breasts is removed to complete the breast lift procedure. The amount of excess breast skin that needs to be removed depends on how much the breasts are sagging and where they are located. The patient receives detailed information from the doctor during the examination done prior to the operation.

Does Breast Lift Surgery Leave Scars?

A straight line or an inverted T-shaped scar may only appear on the patient’s nipple, on the underside of the nipple, depending on the surgical procedure. Breast lift surgery alone is insufficient for certain people. In this situation, a breast implant can be inserted during the procedure to give the breast the proper form and size.

When Is It Possible To Breastfeed After Breast Lift?

The relationship between the mammary gland, the milk ducts in the breast, and the nipple must be intact for the woman to be able to breastfeed following the breast lift operation. It is feasible to breastfeed if the surgeon performs the breast lift surgery using methods that do not disrupt this relationship.

Is Breast Lift Painful?

The patient has a relaxing night following the breast lift procedure while taking the meds that were administered at its conclusion. With the help of the medications the doctor has recommended, the patient doesn’t experience any discomfort for the first two days following the procedure. Even though the patient’s muscles are involved in breast augmentation procedures, the amount of discomfort is far lower than that of breast lift procedures, even if it is still higher than that of other breast operations. The recovery procedure for those who have undergone breast lift surgery is relaxing and painless.

Breast Lift Surgery Prices In Turkey

The Breast Lift (Mastopexy) procedure is highly popular in Turkey. Scientific research has shown that many women’s self-confidence has greatly risen as a result of breast lift surgery. The cost of a breast lift varies depending on the procedure used. As an illustration, the only surgeries that differ from one another are breast lift, breast asymmetry correction and lift, or breast augmentation and lift operations. The quantity of work required is the primary determinant of this salary. It is significantly simpler to get the desired breast lift look because of technological advancements and evolving cosmetic surgical techniques.

You should have an examination by our doctor in order to learn more specifically about the breast lift and to learn which approach is best for you. At the conclusion of the assessment, you may obtain the most precise information about the cost of your breast lift operation. Facilities that have received Ministry of Health accreditation are prohibited from posting pricing information on their websites. Consequently, please call 0212 241 46 24 to speak with someone and learn more about Breast Lift Prices.