Women and men today use a variety of aesthetic and cosmetic procedures to achieve their desired physical qualities. But because we are aware that our face is the subject of the most aesthetic scrutiny, we strive to have a facial aesthetic that rivals that of Hollywood celebrities. By exposing the cheekbones and giving the face a thinner appearance, a bisection enables you to attain the desired heart-shaped face shape. Fat loss on the cheeks is the one outcome that diet and exercise cannot provide.

Bichectomy is an aesthetic operation that reduces cheek fat and gives the patient’s face a slimmer, more appealing appearance. A round face is replaced with more distinct facial features and more prominent cheekbones thanks to the removal of the body’s excess adipose tissue during the treatment.

What’s Bichectomy?

The simplest definition of a bichectomy is the surgical excision of the cheek fat pads. Some people’s fat pads, which are made up of the Bichat fat bags that are placed in the two fat compartments inside the cheeks, are smaller, while in others they are larger, giving the face a more chubby and childlike appearance. Only bichectomy surgery can contour and slim out chubby cheeks, which are frequently the result of genetics or weight increase.

It is a very simple surgical treatment based on cutting a small incision on the inside of the cheeks, close to the fat bags, to remove the cheek fat pads. It only takes a few minutes to complete the process. It’s not required for the body to have “Bichat” bags on the inside of the cheeks; if these pillows, which help babies develop reflexes like chewing and sucking, do not support your appearance in the future, you do not have to live with them! Via the lips, the technique leaves no observable scars on the face.

Who’s A Good Candidate For Bichectomy?

Bichectomy surgery is typically done on individuals who are at an appropriate weight but still have physically fat cheeks. Some individuals do not experience any facial thinning even after losing weight since their cheek areas have genetically and anatomically rounded lines.

Anyone over the age of 18 who is in good general health and has no physical limitations may have a bisection procedure. Even though a bichectomy is a straightforward procedure, some requirements must be met before it can be carried out.

Bichectomy surgery cannot be conducted on those who are not suited for the procedure in terms of general health state, including those who are under the age of 18 and those who are over 55, pregnant, nursing, already trying to lose weight, or who have problems with obesity.

How Does Bichectomy Work?

The patient is thoroughly assessed prior to the bichectomy surgery to determine whether they are a good candidate. If bichectomy surgery is ultimately chosen, local anesthetic or sedative is used so the patient won’t experience any discomfort while it is being done. The procedure starts following the agreement. In order to remove the fat from the cheek area, a 1 cm broad incision is first performed. The superfluous cheek and adipose tissue are removed through this incision, which allows access to the subcutaneous area. To guarantee parity between the two cheek looks, identical processes are then used for the opposite cheek.

How Long Does Bichectomy Take?

A bichoplastectomy is a very quick procedure. Although it varies from person to person, cheek thinning operations often last 30-35 minutes, and bichectomy surgery as a whole, including anesthesia, typically takes 45-50 minutes. After the procedure, there is no need to stay in the hospital. After the procedure, the patient may be released right away if they are feeling well.

What Does Bichectomy Change In Facial Appearance?

It aids in removing extra tissue and fat in the cheek region. The cheeks are thinned, yet the cheekbones and jawline are visible. It gives the face a V shape. The person’s face has the golden ratio while developing more appealing facial traits.

Can You Combine Bichectomy With Other Procedures?

The major goal of bichectomy surgery is to thin the cheek area in order to make the person’s facial characteristics more distinctive and to make the cheek area more harmonic with the rest of the face. Because of this, it can be used in conjunction with similar-intent operations such as chin aesthetics, chin filling, and jawline filling to create the ideal appearance.

Bichectomy Recovery Tips

After having a bichectomy, if the patient is feeling well, they may be allowed to leave the hospital that same day. Mild edema in the cheek area treated is completely typical. This edema develops quickly and spontaneously.

In order to prevent damaging the incisions and stitches in the cheek area, it is crucial that only liquid nutrition and very hot foods be ingested on the day of the bichectomy procedure. The next few days are free for eating and drinking with no limitations or need to leave the region.

It is important to pay close attention to the incisions made during the treatment so that the extra cheek and fat tissue can be eliminated. Particularly after eating, teeth should be carefully brushed and mouthwash should be utilized. The chance of infection is completely eliminated in this method.

While the incisions made during bichectomy surgery take about a week to heal, the edema that forms around the cheek and mouth typically takes 2-3 weeks to entirely go away. The final cheek appearance emerges at the conclusion of this time when the first month has passed.

Benefits Of Bichectomy

It helps to get rid of cheek tissue that is too thick and stubborn fats that refuse to disappear despite weight loss. That is a quick procedure. It does not have protracted healing times or negative side effects. Without the need to stay in the hospital, the patient can return home the same day.

The outcome manifests itself in a short amount of time. A permanent cheek appearance usually becomes apparent after about a month on average. If desired, the cheekbones can be emphasized by injecting the fat removed during the bichectomy process into the appropriate location. No allergic reaction happens when the patient’s own fat tissue is injected. Bichectomy surgery, which yields long-lasting effects, is appropriate for use in conjunction with aesthetic operations that provide ideal facial features, such as chin aesthetics and chin and jawline filling.

Does Bichectomy Have Other Risks?

If carried out by qualified medical professionals, bichectomy are painless, risk-free operations that last about 45 minutes. There aren’t any drawn-out dressing or healing procedures either. Otherwise, it may come with risks like the potential for infection from bichectomy procedures that are not carried out in an operating room, the development of collapses because of the disparity in appearance between the two cheeks, or the removal of extra fat tissue if they are carried out by untrained medical professionals who are unaware of the anatomy of the area. Because to this, picking the right surgeon is crucial when having a bichectomy operation, just like it is in all other medical and aesthetic procedures.

Are The Results Of Bichectomy Surgery Permanent?

Excess tissue and fat in the person’s cheek area are surgically removed from the body and permanently eliminated during bichectomy surgery. The cheek area will also be lubricated in the future only if the person puts on excessive weight, thus a round, plump face could return. For this reason, it’s crucial for the patient to exercise caution not to put on weight following the procedure in order to maintain the razor-sharp appearance the bichectomy surgery gave the face.

Can Men Get Bichectomy?

As long as their general health circumstances permit, male patients who have reached 18 and who desire to have more pronounced and pointed facial characteristics instead of round facial features can readily undergo the procedure known as a bichectomy.

Bichectomy Prices

Bichectomy is routinely carried out by specialists in the field. In facilities, news outlets, and websites endorsed by the Ministry of Health, price information is prohibited. The cost of the bichectomy surgery also varies depending on the doctor’s qualifications and the caliber of the facility. For this reason, our patients can make an appointment and request information by calling at 0212 241 46 24. This will help them achieve their goal of losing facial fat and having a leaner, more appealing face.