Visia Skin Analysis

Your skin’s issues are identified using Visia skin analysis, and the proper remedial measures are then taken. It is possible to identify any skin condition that an individual has thanks to the Visia skin analysis application.

Each analysis is conducted in-depth. These analyses make it possible to pinpoint all skin issues. With the help of an accurate skin analysis, the issues may be identified and the client can receive the best care and treatment.

In contrast to traditional skin examination, every aspect of every skin issue is identified. Visia Skin Analysis may be used to diagnose and treat issues in all layers of the skin, not only the epidermis.

What’s Visia Skin Analysis?

It is known as the procedure for exposing skin issues with the use of a digital tool called Visia. Skin issues that can develop with the Visia device might be examined in addition to those that are already present. Experts may use this computerized equipment, which evaluates both the top and bottom layers of our skin, to learn how to treat and take care of different people.

In a traditional skin analysis, only issues that are visible are identified. However, the Visia gadget also identifies issues that are present in the lower layers of the skin, are only starting to manifest, and will do so in the future. This program, which enables a sophisticated skin examination, should only be used by specialists or medical personnel.

How Does Visia Skin Analysis Work?

The patient’s skin is initially cleansed in the Visia application, a 3D digital examination and imaging equipment. For the analysis to produce appropriate findings, the skin must be free of any cosmetics and skin care products.

The head and chin can be placed in a space on the outside of the gadget. Your face is positioned here. The computerized analysis then starts. The quick technique of scanning uses many lights and wavelengths in its design. Following scanning, a digital picture of the affected area of the face is displayed on the screen and noted. Colors can also be used to represent specific details such as the precise location and severity of the issue in the image.

The specialized doctor examines the photographs after the analysis to identify the issues. Depending on the severity and context of the discovered issues, a customized course of therapy is planned. The person’s analysis will be utilized to decide all of the applications to be employed for the treatment of skin issues. You may quickly determine how many spots, wrinkles, sagging, and dirt accumulations there are on your skin after the study.

Why Should You Get Visia Skin Analysis?

Some skin imperfections are difficult to see in the sunlight. With the visia skin analyzer, it is quite easy to notice these spots, especially on the bottom layer of the skin. Images acquired throughout the investigation also reveal skin conditions that might lead to future issues. For instance, it is simple to examine scenarios in which areas will start to droop and develop wrinkles.

Visia Skin analysis also provides information on a person’s skin’s age, how to protect it, and the best lotions to use. No action is made on the skin during the Visia skin analysis. Because of this, it is one of the applications that are quite safe and has no health hazards.

Alternatives For Visia Skin Analysis

It is involved in many technologies used to assess and analyze skin health in addition to the Visia device.

Intelli Studio technology uses self-mapping to achieve good outcomes in the early identification and determination of dangerous illnesses like skin cancer. By observing the tiniest characteristics on the skin and fusing them with artificial intelligence imagery, it creates a thorough examination of skin health. The user must put his or her face on the gadget while conducting the analysis. Throughout the procedure, there is no interaction.

By automatically collecting pictures of a person from various perspectives, a report regarding their skin analysis may be produced. High-resolution photos and this report are both displayed on the screen. The device’s database still has the person’s data and reports. During each analysis, the artificially intelligent equipment identifies the subject’s face and compares the findings to those of the prior analysis.

Vectra 3D Analysis & Simulation Device

This equipment not only does imaging and analysis, but it also simulates. The majority of those considering cosmetic surgery are unsure about how they will look after the procedure. The Vectra 3D Imaging and Simulation device’s simulation capability allows the necessary cosmetic procedures to be digitally conducted on the person’s face images.

The user is then shown a computer screen replica of the new picture. The most precise aesthetic treatments may be made thanks to simulation. The device’s six cameras, which are positioned at various angles, provide a picture that is realistically rendered during simulation.

Quantificare Skin Analysis Device

The QuantifiCare equipment provides thorough 3D imaging and examines both the face and the body. First imaging on this gadget will give a result that meets the golden ratio in order to process the face or body structure in the best possible way if the individual wishes to have an aesthetic intervention.

Where to make cosmetic changes to the body is chosen using the 3D representation presented on the screen. The patient is shown on the screen how they will look when the operations are completed in a digital environment using simulation.

Is There Any Age Limit For Visia Skin Analysis?

No, it isn’t. People of various ages, genders, and skin tones can use it. Additionally, it makes a detailed determination of adolescent skin issues. You may also get a skin analysis to understand more about your skin’s state and receive the right care and treatment.

Is Visia Skin Analysis Safe?

Utilizing the Visia Skin Analysis technology is completely safe. Modern picture-capturing systems do require some minor UV illumination exposure, but at regulated levels, this should be totally safe. Most of the time, by using this imaging software, we can identify problem regions in the earliest, most curable phases, preventing major health problems.

Can You Get Visia Skin Analysis During Pregnancy?

It is possible to do so when pregnant and nursing. Due to the fact that VISIA skin analysis is merely a determinant and not an intrusive process. However, nursing and pregnancy may result in fresh skin issues. These issues are brought on by hormonal changes, stress, and weight gain.

The optimal time for skin examination is after this period because certain skin issues are season- and time-specific. In conclusion, we advise you to have a skin analysis application following the completion of your pregnancy and nursing.

Will Visia Skin Analysis Determine How Many Dermal Fillers Be Made in Which Area?

In a short answer, yes. The parts of the skin that require filling are identified following the study. Additionally, the outcome is used to calculate how much filler has to be placed. After the analysis, having your face filled will produce the most precise and best results.

Visia Skin Analysis Prices

Skin analysis with Visia is a part of your doctor’s evaluation. There is no cost. You may contact us using the details on our contact page and set up an appointment to learn more about Visia. After scheduling a consultation, our clinic’s team and specialists will address any of your queries regarding visia skin examination.

In order to attain a healthier, more attractive, and more youthful appearance as well as to feel more confident, we provide you with our expertise in every aesthetic sector. Call our polyclinic at 0212 241 46 24 to learn more about Visia skin analysis application costs.