Permanent Thread Lift

Permanent Thread Lift With , special threads are used to hold the sagging skin in place. Over time, the skin gives in to gravity and wear and tear. With a thread lift, the skin goes up against gravity because of the supports put under the skin’s tissue.

As a result, more jawlines start to stand out. It makes people’s jowls hang down. It’s called a “thread lift” because it returns the V-shaped face that sagging took away. People look younger and more attractive when their faces take on a V shape. Thread lifting is a non-surgical way to lift the skin. Its way of working is different from the other ways that people’s skin repair systems are activated. Blood flow starts around the threads inside the very thin needles, which are used to lift up sagging or fallen tissue. This starts the body’s production of collagen.

This is how new tissue is made. After the threads melt in the patient, the new tissue is still stretched as if the threads were still there.

What’s Permanent Thread Lift?

As people age and their skin starts to sag, they need a lifting effect more and more. Especially when it happens around the eyes, sagging makes a person look older and always tired. The reason for this is that the elastin fibers are breaking down because there isn’t enough collagen. As you get older, your body makes less collagen and your skin’s ability to repair itself slows down. Your skin also starts to lose its elasticity. Because of this, the blood flow slows down and the skin becomes dull and loses its life.

 Thread lift, on the other hand, is a way to make your skin look younger. By letting the sagging skin hang down, blood flow is increased and collagen cell production is started. Elastin fibers get shorter and connective tissue gets new cells. Thread lift doesn’t require surgery and is easy to use. Sagging is quickly getting better, and the lower layers of skin have a process that helps them fix themselves. After using the product, the face will gradually look younger and brighter over time.

How To Get Permanent Thread Lift?

About an hour before the procedure, numbing creams are put on the part of the patient’s body that will be worked on. The only pain the person feels is from the needle. Anesthetic creams are used to make the patient feel better. In thread lift, PDO threads, which are made of polydioxanone, or permanent threads are used. Depending on what kind of thread is used, this method can have different effects. After 6 months, PDO threads fall apart on their own. When thread lift is done with microneedles, new tissue starts to grow around the tight threads that are attached to the tissue. This new tissue lasts for two years.

Three months after the procedure, there is still a lot of tissue growth and collagen production. Then, half of the tension on the threads is taken away. Each place that needs to be fixed needs a different length and width of the thread. Different threads are used based on how heavy the sagging is.

Types Of Thread Lifts

There are different kinds of threads, like single and double threads, screws, Aptos, and tornados. A medical pen is used to draw a suspension on the part of the patient’s skin where the threads will go. Then, the application is done with threads that are right for the area where they will be used. About 30 minutes are needed to fill out the application. If the application is done in more than one place on the patient’s face, the procedure time may be longer. If the treatment is to be put on the whole face at once, the doctor makes this decision. There could be a small amount of swelling.

The doctor would rather do the procedure without making the face of the patient tired. There are no bad effects of thread lifting. The threads used are made of natural materials that are good for the body. These threads go all the way out of the body. It can be worked under the skin of the patient. It is a treatment that works and is safe.

Where Can Permanent Face Lift Be Applied?

You can get a permanent facelift in these places:

  • Face Area
  • Around the eyes,
  • Eyebrow,
  • Mouth,
  • Neck area,
  • Cheeks,
  • Cheekbones,
  • Forehead lines

Threadlift can be used not only on the face but also on parts of the body that tend to sag, like the arms, thighs, stomach, and inner legs. In the thread lift method, surgical threads are used. These threads are pretty safe because they were made to be used for lifting. Threads may be used in different ways, depending on where they are placed and how much the skin has sagged. Most of the time, plain, stringy, conical, and spiked threads are used in the thread lift process.

How Does Permanent Thread Lift Affect Facial Appearance?

The lifting process is very easy. There is no recovery time. The body starts making collagen. The fibers of elastin are made stronger. It gives permanent results that last for about two years. There’s no loss of mimicry. After the procedure, you can get back to your daily life right away. Your face seems tighter.

Your facial wrinkles have been removed. It gives the face a lifted look. Thanks to a permanent facelift, the jawline stands out. Facial features are made more prominent. The area around the eyes and the cheekbones makes you look younger.

What To Expect After Permanent Thread Lift?

After the thread facelift, you should take a few days to rest. After the procedure, the patient should move their jaw as little as possible. After the treatment, a cold compress should be put on the area for a short time.

If the person is going to wash his or her face, he or she should only move his or her hands up and down. The person shouldn’t sleep on their back. No massage should be done on the area being treated. About a month should pass without sports. Don’t take a shower with hot water. If not, it will ruin the way the threads fit together with the tissue. The patient should avoid hot baths, saunas, and spa treatments for about a month after the procedure.

After the thread lifts, you don’t have to stay in the hospital. On the same day, you can leave the hospital. You need to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen on your face for a month after the procedure. For a week, you can’t take hot showers and can’t touch your face.

How Safe Is Thread Lift?

“Are the threads used for the thread lift torn?” is the question everyone who is thinking about getting a thread lift asks. You can’t rip the threads that are used for the thread lift. 

Caprolactone threads, which are used in medicine and have been around for more than 50 years, are guaranteed not to tear. Fit for the mimics and facial muscles, these threads take on the shape of dermal tissues over time and give a natural look. On average, the effect of a thread lift lasts for three years. At the same time, medical threads improve blood flow and make the face look younger by stimulating the collagen tissue in the skin.

Is Permanent Thread Lift Permanent?

The thread facelift method is completely safe because it uses special threads made for medical use. People with sagging skin and wrinkles can use the thread facelift method. Your skin looks tighter and younger because of the thread “Facelift.” Anyone over 35 can get a thread facelift. It is best to keep your natural facial expressions and make your face look as natural as possible. On average, a facelift with a thread lasts between two and three years. 

Facelift uses threads that are guaranteed not to break. This process gives your skin a more youthful look and also makes it look more natural. It won’t last as long as surgical procedures. If you want the results to last for a long time, you can get a Facelift. Facelift surgery lasts for about 10 to 15 years since gravity can cause the skin to sag over time.

Permanent Thread Lift Prices In Turkey

The price of a thread lift can change based on the number of threads used, the brand of threads, the material of the threads, and the experience of the doctor. So, the price of the thread lift will depend on the structure of the sagging areas and the materials that will be used.

It is against the law for Ministry of Health-approved centers to list prices on their websites. To find out how much Thread Lift costs in Turkey and get more information, you must first be checked out. After the exam, the right method for you will be chosen for you.

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