Face Lift For Men ; As we get older, our skin loses its suppleness, which is the main cause of wrinkles, fine lines, and skin drooping. A mini-facelift is a cosmetic surgery that can make your face seem better by minimizing these aging symptoms.

Male facelifts are just as popular among young people as female ones. Men who wish to maintain their young appearance for many years but do not yet require a surgical facelift prefer non-surgical facelift procedures. Men in their 40s, when skin sagging starts, might benefit most from non-surgical facelift procedures.

What’s Face Lift For Men?

Don’t worry if you’re a male and you start to see age symptoms on your face—a mini-facelift can help! By lessening the effects of aging, this less intrusive surgery can make you seem younger. Men who wish to enhance their look without undergoing extensive surgery might consider a mini-facelift.

A less invasive treatment called a “mini-facelift” tightens the skin on your face and neck. The cosmetic plastic surgeon will then make a few little incisions to shape and realign your underlying tissues. The mini-objectives facelifts are to redrape the skin and add some volume to the face.

To enhance results, a mini-facelift is sometimes coupled with other cosmetic operations. A mini-facelift can include procedures including a neck lift, eyelid lift, fat transfer, Botox, cosmetic fillers, and skincare lasers.

Are You A Good Fit For Facelift?

A mini-facelift is best for someone who has recently begun to notice facial aging. However, you could need a classic facelift if you have deep creases or drooping skin.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a mini-facelift won’t fix problems like Crow’s feet or sagging eyelids. You could need further operations for these issues, including an eyelid lift or brow lift. However, you might inquire with your plastic surgeon about performing this treatment in addition to a mini-facelift.

It’s critical to have reasonable expectations for your mini-outcomes. Although this surgery can help you seem better and younger, it won’t fully alter your appearance.

Types Of Facelift

Different approaches can be used to do facelift surgery on males. The doctor and the patient decide throughout the assessment procedure which surgical approach will be used.

The patient’s face form, skin aging and excess, and biological age variables are taken into account while deciding on the surgical approach.

On the other hand, doctors prioritize the age of the skin rather than the patient’s age when deciding whether to do a facelift on a man. The best way to improve your appearance and combat early skin aging is through facelift surgery.


Men are increasingly choosing the non-surgical medical rejuvenation procedure Thermage. The best thing is that there is no downtime and the effects last for many years without the need for surgery or injections. Thermage is a technique for eliminating wrinkles brought on by aging and tightening the skin.

Although Thermage may be used on any portion of the body, including the shoulders and belly, the face is the most preferred spot for males. It attempts to address neck skin drooping, wrinkles around the eyes, and forehead and eye wrinkles, particularly in men. By generating new collagen, Thermage enables you to acquire tighter, more masculine face features.

Thermage is a deep heating treatment that uses a special radiofrequency (RF) technology to combat aging. By heating the skin’s surface, this treatment causes the skin to tighten and produce new collagen. The skin seems fresh and renewed following a Thermage procedure. Men appear younger and fitter as a result.

Men who don’t want to squander time on the operating table might choose the Thermage application. The gadget vibrates and releases warmth when it comes into contact with your skin. This temperature causes the skin to actively tighten and smooth out wrinkles. Following therapy, facial redness may develop; this is typical.

With the Thermage treatment, men seeking a non-surgical solution to fight the effects of aging can obtain real rejuvenation. You may go back to work following the application, which takes 40 minutes for the facial area.

The procedure is FDA-approved, non-invasive, and very successful. Because it doesn’t leave any scars and the recovery time is so short, men really like it. Men who have Thermage facial rejuvenation treatments have higher self-esteem and appear more beautiful.


Ulthera’s non-surgical facelift for men treats neck and facial creases. With Ultherapy, wrinkles that make men seem older are removed. Ultherapy is a treatment that may be performed as often as necessary to renew the skin and support collagen synthesis.

Ultherapy produces heat waves, shapes, tightens skin tissue, and promotes the synthesis of collagen using sound energy known as ultrasound. While ultrasonic radiation severely burns the bottom layers of skin during treatment, the higher layers of skin are kept safe by a cooling spray. In the treatment region, this heating procedure rapidly tightens the skin and minimizes the visibility of wrinkles.


The RedTouch collagen laser is a powerful laser light treatment for collagen that works to tighten and tone the skin by directing laser beams specifically to collagen beneath the skin. By shortening the collagen fibers, these wavelength laser beams, which directly see collagen, rejuvenate and activate the collagen in the skin. As a result, the skin might heal after a few application sessions. The application is simple and painless. You may count it as one of the successful RedTouch laser treatments for non-surgical skin rejuvenation in males.

Benefits Of Facelift

The fact that a small facelift may help men look better without making them appear “done” is one of its key advantages. Because they don’t want to appear to have had cosmetic surgery, many guys are reluctant to undertake operations. Men shouldn’t panic, either, since a mini-facelift produces far more subdued results.

The development of wrinkles and fine lines is one of the most noticeable indications of aging. These can be brought on by a number of things, such as repetitive facial expressions, smoking, and sun exposure.

Your look will become younger as a result of the appearance of these wrinkles and fine lines is reduced. Through tiny incisions, the underlying muscles are strengthened and the skin is elevated. This procedure might help you seem younger by minimizing wrinkles.

Facelift Improves Jawline

For men, the jawline is a significant facial feature that can lose definition with age. A drooping jawline can give us a “jowl” appearance, making us appear older and exhausted. Both a decrease in bone mass in the jaw and a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin are to blame for this.

A mini-facelift can improve the look of the jawline by tightening the skin and giving the underlying tissues additional support. You may seem more defined and manly as a result.

Due to fat loss in the face, we also lose facial volume as we get older, giving us a sunken, hollow appearance. By injecting fatty tissue into the facial dermis, a mini-facelift can help restore lost facial volume. You’ll look younger and your lost volume will be filled in as a result.

Facelift Aftercare

The healing process following a facelift in a man will go more quickly the better his overall health is. If the patient follows the doctor’s instructions, the recuperation period following the procedure is relatively comfortable.

After a facelift, there is typically little discomfort. Simple pain relievers can reduce discomfort. Within 7 to 10 days, post-operative swelling and bruising go away. Following surgery, the patient should walk for 1-2 hours before eating.

Getting up early and going for a walk has been shown to hasten the healing process. The hospital stay is expected to last between one and two days. After a week, the stitches are removed. Male patients need to conceal the surgical scars after a facelift better than female patients do.

Patients who are female can conceal these little scars using makeup. Male patients do not, however, have this option, thus it is crucial that a facelift is carried out by a plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure.

Is Facelift For Men Worth It?

Redness on the face may emerge following any technological gadget treatments; this is typical. Devices for non-surgical facelifts can be applied to the entire face, neck, abdomen, arms, legs, and hands. increases the overall tone and suppleness of the skin to produce firmer, younger-looking skin.

Applications of technology devices can assist men in seeking a non-surgical method to counteract the effects of aging and offer real rejuvenation. You may go back to work following the application, which takes 40 minutes for the facial area. The therapies are all FDA-approved, non-invasive, and quite powerful.

Because it doesn’t leave any scars and the recovery time is so short, men really like it. Male non-surgical facelifts boost men’s self-confidence and make them appear more appealing through facial rejuvenation. After examining you, your doctor will pick which surgery to do by assessing the condition of your skin and the degree of sagging. It’s crucial to follow your doctor’s advice in this situation.

Facelift Prices In Turkey

Treatments for male facelifts vary depending on the technology and the number of sessions. The Ministry of Health cannot legally allow facilities to list pricing on their websites. Call our polyclinic at +90212 241 46 24 to learn more about the cost of a male non-surgical facelift.