Arm Lift (Arm Reduction) surgery (also known as a brachioplasty) may be necessary if excess skin is causing functional issues. As we become older, our skin loses part of its elasticity, wrinkles start to show up, and in some areas, the skin begins to “sag.” The arms are the source of the problem because sagging skin causes pain, diminished self-esteem, the perception that one is becoming older, and, eventually, insecurity and complexes.

You might have saggy skin after excessive weight reduction. Men and women who have kept their weight relatively stable throughout the years may nonetheless experience sagging skin as a natural part of the aging process. This is a common source of distress that prevents many people from enjoying life to the fullest.

Arm Lift (Arm Reduction)

In addition, one of the major causes of loss of elasticity in the skin of the arms is significant weight increase, and then a fast decline. Unfortunately, with such an issue, physical exercise cannot restore suppleness and vitality to the skin. This is when we call on the experts to help us out of a jam. That’s why there’s a technique called an arm lift, sometimes known as a brachioplasty.

Most typically, arm lift surgery is performed on patients who have lost a considerable deal of weight and are left with sagging skin. In some circumstances, people develop loose skin due to time, age, gravity, or heredity.

What’s An Arm Lift Procedure?

The sagging skin and fat deposits under the arms can be surgically removed in a brachioplasty operation. When the skin loses its elasticity and becomes saggy and loose, it must be tightened. The surgical procedure of brachioplasty can be used to achieve the desired results of slender and tight arms. The surgeon cuts away any superfluous skin from the arm’s outside edge to the armpit (along the inner fold).

Skin laxity in the arms can occur for a number of different reasons. Many factors, including time passing, being overweight, hormonal changes, gravity, and so on, might contribute to this phenomenon. It’s also seen in underweight patients.

When patients age, their skin loses elasticity and loses its ability to retain their previous shape, therefore doing everything to correct this visual deformation becomes increasingly vital. Also, extreme weight reduction can lead to sagging skin under the arms because of the decreased fat layer, making the skin appear more voluminous. This issue most often manifests itself on the inside aspect of the affected arm, anywhere from the shoulder to the elbow.

Arm skin tightening can bring back the tone of your forearms by reducing the drooping skin’s volume. Brachioplasty, often known as an arm lift, is sometimes performed in conjunction with liposuction to remove extra fat from the upper arms. Liposuction is suggested if there is excessive fat here. The combination of treatments provides the strongest possible result with the longest possible duration.

Am I a suitable candidate for arm lift surgery?

Brachioplasty is a procedure used to tighten the skin on the upper arms after major weight loss or aging causes it to become loose and saggy due to the lack of elasticity in the arm tissue (liposuction treats the latter).

An arm lift is the way to go if you are a weight-loss warrior who has lost a lot of weight and wants to improve your appearance. This includes having arms that are slender and free of sagging skin. Lots of people are trying to trim down, so they’re giving their whole attention to things like nutrition and exercise. But even if they do manage to lose weight, they may find that some of their body parts seem saggy as a result. Sagging or heavy upper arms are a common source of self-consciousness, and an arm raise may be the answer for you.

How Do I Prepare Myself For Arm Lift?

When deciding to have surgery, your physical health is obviously important, but your emotional health should also be taken into account. You and your plastic surgeon should have an open and honest discussion about your goals for the procedure and how they align with your expectations before you go under the knife. Any qualified cosmetic surgeon will be happy to explain everything involved and work with you to set reasonable goals.

Excess skin and fat are cut away during surgery to achieve this. By removing the sagging skin from your upper arms, a cosmetic surgeon can make your garments fit better and give you a more youthful, sleek appearance.

Preparing for the operation itself shouldn’t present any problems. You can count on advice and assistance from your plastic surgeon to get ready for surgery. Your doctor may suggest a temporary halt in the use of certain drugs or supplements if they pose a risk of interfering with the surgical procedure. Two weeks prior to surgery, he or she will also ask you to cut back on or quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

Which Arm Lift Method Is The Best For Me?

Depending on the incision method and desired results, Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) procedures can be performed in a number of different ways. Excess skin and subcutaneous fat tissue are removed, and then the skin is tightened, during a brachioplasty (a surgical operation of the skin of the hands).

Traditional Arm Lift

During surgery, a significant quantity of tissue can be removed with the help of brachioplasty. Procedures for this sort of intervention typically entail making a long incision on the shoulder’s inside side, stretching from the ginglymoid joint to the axillary area. Incisions are typically made in a S or T shape, the former of which allows for less visible scarring after surgery and the latter of which results in more noticeable skin laxity. At that point, the affected area is cut away and stitched back together.

Arms can be given a more proportionate appearance with a classic skin lift, which is especially useful in cases of low tissue elasticity (when liposuction is difficult or impossible). The upper forearm is utilized to assist in correcting the entire shoulder region. When skin tightening is combined with other procedures, such a thoracic or abdominal tuck, this approach is warranted. The biggest drawback of the traditional approach is the postoperative scarring on the underside of the arms.

How Arm Lift Helps You Get Rid Of Saggy Arms?

A qualified surgeon like Dr. Leyla Arvas can tell you more about the arm lift treatment and whether or not it is right for you. Based on her assessment of your arm’s skin laxity and the amount of excess tissue present in your arm, she will develop a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.

A restricted arm lift is an option for those with only a small amount of upper arm skin to remove. Your armpit is where Dr. Leyla Arvas will make the incision. The arm lift with little incisions can be effective for mild to moderate skin and tissue sagging.

With the extended arm lift, an incision is made from the armpit to the elbow in order to remove excess skin and tissue from the upper arm. It describes the vast majority of patients.

Liposuction Vs. Arm Lift: Which One Is Better For Me?

To enhance the appearance of your arms, liposuction or an arm lift might be performed. In patients with firm, elastic, and undamaged arm skin, liposuction can successfully sculpt and reduce the size of the upper arm. When you lose weight in one arm, the skin on that arm will shrink so that it is a better match for the leaner muscle underneath.

However, liposuction may not be successful enough if the arm skin is already too loose, like in the case of someone with loose, drooping skin under their arms (also known as “bat wings”). More liposuction would make your arms look much worse in this instance. The arm lift method is used in this situation.

Is Arm Lift Painful?

It’s normal to feel some pain as you heal from an arm lift. Tenderness, swelling, and bruises are all possible side effects. After the initial several days, this should ease up a bit. Recovery from an arm lift treatment typically takes between one and two weeks. Healing the tissues in your arms may take a few weeks.

Pillows should be used to prop up the arms. As a result, blood flow is enhanced and edema is decreased. If you are in pain, your doctor may recommend pain medicine. Put on easy-to-remove, loose fitting apparel. Pick a shirt with a zipper or buttons instead of a pullover.

It’s crucial to monitor the surgical site for signs of infection or other complications. You should see a doctor immediately if you notice any worsening of the redness, discharge, or swelling.

When Will I Feel Better After Arm Lift Surgery?

Plastic surgery on the hands typically requires a patient to be under close medical supervision for 1–2 days following the procedure. If she’s doing well enough, they send her home. The patient must remain under the surgeon’s care and supervision for another two weeks, during which time they will undergo regular checkups.

There is no need to remove sutures made from a self-absorbable substance after surgery. Moreover, when employing basic threads, they are often taken out between 10 and 14 days following insertion. After surgery, the patient is shown wearing compression sleeves to minimize swelling and limit the stretching of the postoperative scar before the sutures are removed.

It’s important to restrict swimming, sauna use, and other forms of physical exercise within the first two months. Oedema subsides after around two months following Brachioplasty, at which point the procedure’s ultimate outcomes are evaluated.

When Can I Go Back To Work After an Arm Lift?

A scar will result from having excess skin removed during an arm lift. As you recuperate, the scar from your incision will fade. For the first year after surgery, protecting the treated area from direct sunlight is essential. This helps to avoid darkening of the scar. Scars often start out looking pink, but eventually even out with the rest of your skin.

Normal downtime after an arm lift is between two and four weeks. If you want to heal more quickly after surgery, you should strictly adhere to the post-op recommendations your doctor gives you. Reduce your exertion as much as possible, particularly if it involves lifting heavy objects or holding them above your head, and get plenty of sleep.

If you’re just starting out, it’s typical for your arm and hand strength to seem low. As you recover, they will grow stronger. During the healing process, try to minimize your arm mobility and activities.

Are Results Of Arm Lift Permanent?

If you want your arms to look slim, toned, and sculpted, an arm lift is a permanent solution. Assuming you stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine, your weight loss surgical results should hold up well. Long-term success after an arm lift treatment depends on the patient’s dedication to a regimen of regular exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle.

But the elasticity of a person’s skin is also important. When a doctor stretches an arm, they aim for maximum comfort. Sagging may return in the long run if the patient experiences rapid weight gain or loss after surgery.

How Much Does Arm Lift Cost?

If the sagging problem persists despite the person’s best efforts to maintain an active lifestyle and eat sensibly, localized fat accumulation may be to blame. With non-surgical approaches, arm sagging can be managed with temporary remedies in certain circumstances, in which case the best alternative may be surgery.

After conducting a thorough evaluation, your doctor—an expert in the field—will determine the course of action that is best for you. Arm lift surgery is a great choice for people whose self-esteem has suffered because of their sagging arms. Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) is a permanent solution. Arm Lift cost in Istanbul might change according on a number of variables. Which Arm Lift method will be applied, the fee will be set according to the application. Which is why analysis is crucial.

By consulting with our physician, you may learn more about the Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Turkey and the method that is best suited to you. By the end of the test, you will have a thorough understanding of all relevant pricing information.

There is a blanket ban on listing costs online for facilities that have received approval from the Ministry of Health. Quartz Clinic’s Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Price List may be obtained by calling 0212 241 46 24.